Green Moving Guide

Before you decide on moving to your brand new home, you will need to check out the energy efficiency of the building and what it has to offer. You can do this in the form of an energy audit, as it will allow you to better pinpoint any problem areas that need to be addressed. There is another thing you will need to pay more attention to as well, which is in the form of proper moving with a more eco-friendly touch in mind. The following tips will give you more information you can work with to make it happen:

Green Moving Guide

  • Before you begin you will need to consider implementing some energy saving work done to your new home. This should help drive costs of living down, not to mention keeping you warm and cool during the right seasons. You will need to make sure your home also goes through a good amount of maintenance of any sort necessary to keep it in top condition. Draw up a floor plan of the new place and take measurements of your furniture to ensure nothing will be out of place once you arrive.

  • When you need to pack your items you should consider certain second hand options, such as working with recycled boxes that can be reused again and again. You can find such boxes in many places, businesses and specifically retail stores all around the country, no matter where you live. If the supervisor of a given store doesn’t mind giving away boxes that would be recycled anyway you can give them a second chance at life, so they can be used again to make your move far easier and eco-friendly.

  • Supermarkets and grocery stores will also provide you with a fair amount of boxes to choose from. A lot of times customers there can also find such boxes and use them, but they will be more useful for smaller items such as books and the like.

  • You should also consider doing a downsizing of your possessions, as doing so will cut down the number of boxes you will need to work with long before moving day arrives. You can either donate or sell them for a chance to lighten the load and make things cheaper and safer for the environment. You can also do this by organizing your very own garage sale for more control over prices and everything related.

  • Above all however, you should do your best to find a moving company that specializes in green moving, letting you handle moving house without worrying about damaging the environment. You will also need to do a bit of research on the companies operating on the market so you can find the one that suits your specific needs. Look for man and van company in Camden that have been around on the market for a long time and you will have your answer ready for you. Give them more information and you will have a better chance of success.