How AI Is Changing the Future of Web Design and Development?

Yuval Noah Harari, a famous historian, believes that “Artificial Intelligence taking over human employment is not a distant worry”. He predicts it to be a concern in the near future, like in the next 10-20 years. But should it really be concerning? I suppose not. Undoubtedly, it is developing and can pose disadvantages but it has advantages to it as well. It has revolutionized the healthcare industry for one and that is a promising change. It has made waves in the web designing and development services industry and continues to do so. 

The above picture is suggestive of how people process Artificial Intelligence and rightfully so. Artificial Intelligence has been in news for how it is trending in web technology and it has made some contributions to the field. Artificial intelligence in web development isn’t a very new concept, it’s been here for a few years now.

It’s been used by brands and websites to analyze and regulate large amounts of data, changing the way we used to design web and Chabot’s has helped brands improve their communication with their website visitors. Artificial intelligence websites work efficiently and are uber fast in their operations. Adobe, Wix, and Firedrop are using artificial design intelligence to make web design and development a user-friendly experience. 

The technology is still a work in progress but has a promising future in the web designing and development industry. 

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Web Development:

Artificial intelligence is computer science technology that incorporates human functionality into machines and computer systems. It is programmed by a developer and gives access to the technology to learn from its experiences and adjust over time. This indicates the debate whether artificial web intelligence is human-controlled or can function independently. Some tend to believe in the former and while others put their faith in the latter argument. 

Artificial intelligence websites use artificial intelligence technology based on machine learning work on design principles, identify design trends, and generate a personalized web design experience. Artificial intelligence is growing at an exponential rate yielding a 14 percent increase in active startups just in the last ten years. The skills for creating machine learning are in demand and are expected to increase global revenues at an unprecedented rate by 2025. Hence, putting machine learning skills at the top three in-demand skills.

Artificial Intelligence for Web designing and Development:

If you want to design a website, your options, for now, are limited. 

Here’s Why:

You can either opt to learn to code yourself and design it on your own, or you can use a drag-drop website to avoid the coding but that will be time-consuming, patience testament, and some level of design skills. The third available option is to hire someone and pay them to design a website for you which will be costly.

Artificial Intelligence can be useful in web programming to manage and add information, update databases, develop codes to solve problems and create design applications that are better in efficiency than human coded applications. Artificial intelligence is hoped to be a game-changer in web designing and development liberating people of time and money constraints.

Corporate World Utilizing Artificial Intelligence:

The corporate world is employing artificial design intelligence at an advanced level in website designing and regulation. Google uses a learning AI system known as RankBrain. It influences search results by looking out for words and phrases with similar meanings. Amazon also utilizes AI to improve its search engine results and ranking and for recommendations to customers based on their browsing history. In simple terms, people might find products that they search for in amazon ads etc and that’s what AI is being used for. Netflix works on the same principle using AI to make videos and movie recommendations to its customers based on their search history. 

The issue of privacy violations is a hot topic for debate and discussions regarding these interventions by the corporate world. The question of whether the use of technology to control peoples’ likes and choices is ethical or not and how it will be put accountable is reasonable but shouldn’t discount what good AI is capable of achieving in web development services otherwise.

What the Future Holds:

AI technology is a work in progress and hasn’t achieved its full potential yet but will continue to take one step forward. It might not be your best bet for website design and development for now but will be in the future. For it to become a safe experience for users and programmers, the technology shouldn’t interfere with people’s privacy.

The corporate world should be made accountable for its use of people’s data to suggest and recommend their retail products and services as people find it as an intrusion rather than facilitation. For now, you can use AI to manage and analyze data, code applications, and mine data for search engine optimization and build information with utmost accuracy to predict user behavior. 

It will be able to design and create a website sometime in the future and revolutionize how we see web designing. 


Artificial intelligence holds great potential for the future but questions and concerns regarding its impact on human employment are there. There’s a thin line between technology being a blessing and a curse. It would be on us to choose what we want from it and how we would like to move forward.

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