There are lots of things that you need to know to use any social media for your marketing campaigns, mainly email marketing campaigns. There are different types of social media, and each comes with unique features that can help your business significantly.

  • First, you must know whether it is social traffic or search traffic that is better for your business.
  • You will also need to know which is the right marketing channel for your type of business.

Different businesses have different clients that hang out on various social channels, and therefore selecting the right social channel is essential.

  • At times you may feel that Facebook is more useful for you since you will do better through the references made to the friends and families of the users.
  • On the other hand, if you want to do as good as other businesses and if you are into B2B format, then twitter may be more suitable for you.
  • If you want to reach out to a larger audience who are mostly young and fashionable, then Instagram is the best platform to use for your business marketing efforts.

Therefore, a social channel that may work for a specific business may not work for your business and your niche target. However, when you want to make the best use of email marketing, you will need to combine your efforts with Instagram.

Think like professional marketers

When you want to integrate Instagram tool and email marketing, you will need to think like a social media pro or an expert marketer like Gramista.

You may use all of the biggest social networks for that matter, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter and

You may also use different media sharing sites such as:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus and

However, to gain success in your social marketing efforts, you will need to know much more than top social media and media sharing networks. You must look beyond these because people now use many different types of social media channels to connect online.

Therefore, you will need to focus on hyper-focused and niche social networks. This will help you to group different social networks according to the subject matter. Things will quickly get overwhelming and utterly distracting at times if you do not know your niche.

There was a time when you could quickly and easily categorize different social networks, depending on their functional capabilities. For example:

  • YouTube is for video
  • Twitter for concise text content
  • Instagram for photo and video sharing, and more.

But those days have passed. Nowadays, most of the social networks come with rich features that blur the lines of distinction between the different social networks. Some of these features include:

  • Livestreaming
  • Augmented Reality, and more.

The features tend to change faster than the people have time to read about the changes. Therefore, all these means that instead of categorizing the social media channels according to the ever-changing technology features or hyper-specific user interests, you should think like marketers when you group social networks. Ideally, you should do it based on what people wish to accomplish by using them.

Reasons to select Instagram

You may be involved with some of the most popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and may also interact with your customers using YouTube but there are several good reasons to integrate your email marketing efforts with Instagram.

You will get inventive and innovative ways to connect with your current and potential customers. This will help you to:

  • Do market and audience research using different analytics and metrics
  • Generate more qualified traffic and leads
  • Build relationships, and more.

With email integrated, you can start relevant and stimulating conversations with your customers. You can share and listen to opinions to improve your campaign.

When you can share images and videos with people, it will benefit your business to:

  • Build your brand
  • Build better and stronger relationships
  • Engage with your target audience
  • Generate leads, and more.

It will be much more effective than words because the combination will make your content highly effective. It is essential to know that people like and remember visuals, and therefore they respond to visual content so well.

Benefits of this combination

One of the most significant benefits of combining email with Instagram is that you will have faster, easier, and more effective communication with your Instagram followers.

  • From customers perspective, they can more easily, quickly, and conveniently contact a customer service representative now than ever before.
  • From business perspective, you can now receive, review, and respond to the grievances of your customers much easily and quickly than ever before.

Even if there are a few challenges remaining, it is the fact that the line of communication remains open is what makes such integration of the two more useful and evident these days.

This also helps in networking and building partnerships, which adds to the aspect of general availability apart from the simplified lines of communication. This means that even the smallest part of the population of the world can now communicate directly with a brand without requiring the help of an agent or publicist.

Potential business opportunities

It is the features of the two, Instagram and email marketing, that will provide your business with different opportunities. You will make a better and stronger social presence. You will find it a lot easier to identify and address negative comments and experiences.

You will be able to show that you care for your customers to make them happy and love your brand, giving you an edge over your competition. You will be able to do it all from the messages received including:

  • Secure inclusions
  • Expand your reach and
  • Establish your authority.

Using Instagram analytics, you can also do a competitive analysis to keep an eye on your competitors. This will help you, in turn, to stand out within the industry, target followers of your competitors, and generate more sales and leads. All these will help you to create brand equity and relevancy.

Therefore, even if it is time-consuming, and frustrating at times, integrating email and Instagram is a ‘must’ these days.