Every plant needs care, and every motor needs a check-up. 

Every now and then you need to change the oil, check the breaks, and have a little performance testing.

And with the changing times every now and then there is a new gadget like GPS that isn’t optional anymore. 

If nothing else, at least you need to put your winter tires when the snowfalls.

Websites are no different.

Your website is not an artwork that hangs from the walls of the internet.
Your website might contain it, but it’s not an artwork by itself. 

If you want your website to do good, to be reliable, and to keep up with the times, you need to check up on it regularly.

It needs maintenance. 

Just by the virtue of everyone else improving their work, from your hosting service to the website platform that you use, you are going to have to keep up with the updates. 

And you shouldn’t perceive this as a bad thing – every shift in the environment is an opportunity to grow. 

An up-to-date website is a sign of a growing business.

But change doesn’t happen overnight.
Well, a change might, but adjustments take time.

This is why changes can cause problems when you are running a business – you might see this change as an opportunity to grow, but the adjustment period is a grey area that makes everyone feel insecure. 

You don’t want to lose traction when you are rolling with the changes.
You want to keep your customers engaged during this time of adjustment. 

This is why the WordPress team has designed plugins for this purpose – to support you while you are making those tweaks and adjustments to keep your site valuable and up-to-date.

Enter the Coming Soon WP (https://comingsoonwp.com/) and Under Construction Page (https://underconstructionpage.com/) plugins.

These plugins will help keep your business growing while you are in Maintenance mode.

Coming Soon WP

Remember how ugly scaffolding looks like on buildings that are under construction. 

It’s not a pretty sight, nor does it bring any good association. 

A person forgets that the work being done on the building is surely going to make it much better in every aspect. 

Now imagine visitors coming to your website and having those same impressions – scaffolding and dust.
It’s not a pretty sight.

This is where you can lose customers.
It’s also an opportunity to engage. 

The Coming Soon WP plugin is made to help you set up a page for your website that will work as a front while you are working on whatever you need. 

It helps you set up a beautiful front page very fast so you can focus all of your energy on the real task at hand. 

It allows you to pick from more than 120 themes to use for your front page and over a million images to choose from. 

Seeing that the Maintenance page is the only thing you can offer at the moment, it’s good to have a big assortment to choose from. 

However, there is the option to allow access to certain clients that you chose.
The Secret Access Link feature will allow your client to see the progress you are doing, be it on certain pages or your whole website.

This is how the Maintenance Mode can be used to grow.
It can be an opportunity to build more trust with your clients by offering them behind the scenes access and showing them exactly how you operate.

Coming soon also comes with an E-mail subscription option and with SEO tools so you can keep track of your traffic and manage it from day one.

That way you can keep working on your conversion rates and keep building your e-mail list.
Google’s crawlers will register the traffic you are still generating under maintenance and will add to your SERP rank. 

Under Construction Page

The Under Construction Page plugin works in a similar fashion, but this plugin allows you to build a cover page for any page on your site. 

Be it the front page or any page you chose, you can manage it with this plugin.
That way all links to your website can be covered so you won’t have any visitors wandering onto unfinished pages. 

It utilizes a drag & drop page builder that assures simple and easy use. 

It has a palette of more than 220 themes that you can choose from, many of them already made for certain niches.
That way you can choose an amazing front page that will keep in the spirit of your website and add to your brand.

Again, the priority is to help you move fast so you can focus on the job at hand, but to add value every step of the way.

You can also choose to use social media widgets on your under construction page.
That way your visitors can indulge in other points of your brand while your main website is under construction.

This is great if you are creating video content, or it might just be the reason to start doing in while your website is under construction.

Support while you are regrouping

Both of these plugins are simple and easy to use.
They are made with your needs in mind.

Under Construction Page also present a fast & friendly un-outsourced support team as one of their features.

So there is no need to stress about reorganizing your site.
Not only can you still engage, but you can also grow traffic while you are under maintenance.

Pick a photo or a theme, customize your welcome text, and you are on your way.