The seniors are becoming prone to receiving home-care through caregivers and home-aids than to moving into an assisted living facility. The most basic advantage of hiring such caregivers is that the elders can grow old in their own homes and spend the latter part of their lives in the comfort and familiarity of their surroundings. This is especially recommended for dementia patients as their memory can be jolted back by the known environment. Seniors with dementia are particularly tricky to care for as they might display erratic behavior and mood swings but hiring professional caregivers who are trained and skilled for this task can drastically improve the condition of their lives. The cost of hiring such professionals can vary drastically throughout the country and is an important aspect to look into before making any decisions.

Does home care cost more than assisted living for senior dementia patients?

When comparing the costs of relocating your senior to an assisted living facility or hiring caregivers several factors contribute to the total cost and need to be taken into consideration. Yo need to be aware of the amount of care and assistance required by the dementia patient, about the cost of care in your state of residence and adjacent states as well, the local laws and ordinances, tax credits and deductions, etc. Along with these factors you also need to check the condition of the assisted living facility and if they are delivering as per the cost. The nation-wide averages for the cost of such care, be it at home or in a nursing facility have often come out to approximately equal.


This can be also be accredited to the fact that sometimes independent caregivers do not charge extra for the care of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

How does the cost of home care from the state to state for senior dementia patients?

Caregivers who come can be charged differently based on the amount of work that needs to be done. They can be charged on an hourly basis, daily basis or overnight basis. Certain states like Iowa, Missouri and Oklahoma seem to be most affordable in terms of hiring caregivers whereas states like New York, Alaska, West Virginia and Maine have comparatively higher rates for such caregiving facilities. NGOs and health care facilities all around the country are working hard to make home care available and affordable to every individual so that even in states like New York, hiring such caregivers and companions is not just a luxury but a common practice.

What is the cost difference between an independent caregiver and home care agency?

According to the statistics, in 2019 the average cost of hiring a professional caregiver for senior dementia patients from an agency was $21 per hour and the rate for hiring an independent caregiver ranges from $15-18 per hour. The level of extra care and skilled assistance provided by the professionals hired from an agency at the minimal difference is an advantage that encourages you to work with such home agencies for the care of your seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Another benefit is that the agency performs a background check on its employees and equips them with the skills required to take care of the elder. Whereas when hiring an independent worker, the family has to take several interviews and perform thorough background checks before opening their homes to a stranger. Another aspect to look into is that if your caregiver is unable to tend to the senior due to any reason the agencies are liable to provide a replacement but an independent caregiver might not be able to arrange for a good replacement, leaving the elders alone and in a vulnerable state.

Mindful planning is the key to provide proper care for seniors with dementia

As senior planning for your future, several measures can be taken to ensure that you have sufficient funds to provide for yourself in the late stages of your life. As a person who has closely associated with the senior suffering this ailment and who has to make the final call regarding the care they attain, you should carefully jot down the pros and cons of each option. There are several ways to manage the costs for caregiving and you have to tread the paths having compassion and keeping the comfort of seniors in mind.