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Your mood affects your sleep and your sleep affects your mood. This loop is certain and interdependent. To make any of them better, the other has to be well taken care of. If someone has a bad mood or going through some rough patch, he/she can have a problem with sleeping, because sleep requires peace. Similarly, if someone is sleep deprived, or had disturbed sleep, his/her mood for the whole day is going to be affected.

So, the solution is that in order to have a good mood, you need to have a good sleep and good sleep is backed up by a good mood.

The first thing you can work on here is the mood and make the best sleep environment. Have you ever noticed that there are some rooms in your home in which you can sleep very well but there is that particular room in which you just cannot sleep well no matter how sleepy you are?

There is not any apparent reason which could tell you why the fluctuation in comfort level is present in the different rooms of your own same house.

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This situation can be based on many factors but one of the factors which are not very widely noticed is the color of that room. Yes. The color of your bedroom can affect your sleep in a very significant manner. The relationship of colors with our subconscious is so strong but still, we often ignore that.

Colors play an important part in determining our mood and they can actually change the game. They can be used to help you in issues like insomnia, etc. while the reckless choice in the color of your bedroom paint can affect you negatively too. There is huge psychology behind the colors and how they alter our behavior and mood.

So here we will discuss some of the famous colors’ choices of people for their bedroom and their actual effect on people.


White color is the most popular choice of people all around the world when it comes to choosing the color of the bedroom. The reason why people choose this color is because of its basicity and elegance. This color gives the canvas-like environment where you can make your interior designing masterpieces. However, white is not such a great color for sleep. This color is too bright to keep your focus on your sleep and to keep your brain relaxed.


Blue is a great color to be painted in the bedroom. Because it can be bright as well as very relaxing and calming to your eyes at the same time. It can help you with sleeping.


The red color is the most hyper color ever. It sucks the energy out of you into the world. It can be romantic but that does not mean that it is relaxing. It meddles with your regular sleep.


Green is one of the most tranquil colors ever. The freshness of the green color can help you in achieving a state of freshness and relief. So, it is also beneficial in helping you to sleep.


A gray-colored room may appear very matte and dull which can become no hindrance in making you fall asleep. But the gray color has proven to backup depression. So, this color is bad for mental health and healthy sleeping.


This is also not a bold color but the brown color is associated with sad feelings. Hence, it is not a good choice for bedrooms because it can meddle with your mental health and make you uncomfortable.


Silver color has been proven to be a very happy and comforting color when it comes to sleeping. It makes a person really pleasantly calm and put him/her to the best sleep.


The yellow color has also proven to be a happy and bright color. The right quantity of yellow can make a person happy and cheered up. So, the yellow color can improve your mood overall so it will lead to a happy and positive sleep.


It has been seen that people who love purple color are crazy over it. They would want this color everywhere and the bedroom is not an exception. But it is not known that the rich purple color is the worst choice of paint in your bedroom. There has been a survey done which shows that people who sleep in purple colored has a bad time settling in and they only sleep for like 5-6 hours.

So, it is shown that the color of your bedroom should not be chosen thoughtlessly because it can play a part in the basics of your mental health and will definitely affect you in every part of life. So, ask your professional painting company to show you the exact hues and colors which they are going to paint on your walls of the bedroom.

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