Out of all the nightmares and tiresome tasks that we have to face, when we are about to move into a new apartment or a house, is packing and shifting our boxes and furniture. Well, unless we are just moving next door. Most of us will already be drained out with the process searching and finding a perfect place to live. Along with that, we have to make at least a hundred calls and follow-ups to shift our address with all the utility providers. While the task of finding a perfect mover may still be hard, I will give you a few tips that will make it a little less overwhelming. It’s pretty simple: Listen, See and Speak!

How To Choose Perfect Movers And Packers


Listening is such an important part. In order to listen, you will have to ask. First, you ask your family, friends or neighbours. Someone, surely, must have moved in or out of their house near your locality. Before Google was born, ‘Word of mouth’ used to get the business done. A good business would always flourish based on what people talk and we listen. Even in this age of technology; I believe in that. Google probably would give us the right information but why not LISTEN and note the details of the movers. If you have more than one movers on your list; then take time to call them one by one. Take the quote and promise to call them back if you choose them.


Let’s say, here ‘seeing’ is not just looking but screening the movers. You don’t want to put your precious household things in their hands, unless you trust them. So, before you decided to hire the moving company, you have to see if they hold a license for their company. Not everyone with an office and a signboard could be legit. Do a proper research instead of depending on the information or the good report you were given. Visit their office, see how they handle paperwork. See if they have any offers and then compare each company. See if they have good resources and the type of vehicle they use. Also, their delivery records must show, if they have any complaints against them. More importantly, SEE if their quote matches your budget.


Once your initial research is done, call the final moving company you have chosen. Meet them in person. Make sure you clarify everything. Ask them if there are any extra cost, how they handle boxes, do they just deliver the boxes or do they also have packing services. If they do, how much do they charge? Also, check if they charge per weight and distance or only distance. If they send additional men, will they charge you for it or is it borne the company? Do you have to tip the representatives from the movers? If yes, how much do they expect? One of the most important details you have to SPEAK about is, will they take responsibility if they damage the goods.

Moving from one place to another is not a picnic. However, having the right information and choosing the right movers can ease things. So, don’t forget to heed to your relatives and friends, do your research even after the recommendations and finally speak before hiring the perfect moving company.