How To Design A Conference Room For The Modern Office

While some workplaces still make everyone suit up and sit at a long boardroom table, that picture is hardly one that expresses the needs of many modern offices. Offices nowadays need versatile spaces for collaboration and sharing ideas together, and there are a few ways to design conference rooms to fit with that vision. While each office has different people and different needs, that’s exactly the point — a conference room should work for your office above all else.

Listen to the leaders and individuals who use your spaces most to see what they need. When you know what will work for your employees, you can use a few tips and techniques to make that vision come to life and function for everyone around the office. 

1. Make It Inspiring

Conference rooms are often designed not to look like social spaces — instead, they’re usually void of color and distraction. But creating a space that’s fun and intriguing can inspire ideas and collaboration. Why not lean into that? Try out a color on the wall like red for strength and determination or green for growth and harmony. Bring in some decor, plants, and light. While you don’t need to stuff the place or create a distraction, being in a homey, inspiring space can motivate people to create and get more work done.

2. Size the Space Properly

Sitting at a giant table with only a handful of people sounds nearly as awkward and uncomfortable as trying to cram a bunch of people into a tiny room. One of the most important parts of building a conference space that works for your office and your employees is making sure that everyone can fit comfortably. Sizing chairs, furniture and even picking an appropriately sized room are all big factors. Getting a custom table for your conference room can help the fit feel natural and work with your needs.

3. Make It Comfortable

Conference rooms and office spaces aren’t supposed to be as cozy as your living room couch, but it makes sense that when people feel comfortable, they’re more inclined to stick around, be present and get to work. If you’re working from home due to COVID19, this might be an easy transition for your office space or conference corner. Making sure the seats are comfortable, the lighting is soft yet helpful and the space feels warm and inviting are all a part of the comfort factor. 

4. Get Your Tech on Board

While it will vary from office to office, assessing the tech needs of your workspace will elevate the conference room and pull it into the modern age. Think about cell phone projectors or a smart TV. Consider what kind of software or tech devices you need to make everything run smoothly for conferences and group projects, and build your conference room with that in mind.

Conference rooms aren’t what they used to be, and that’s because they’re only getting better. You can design a conference room and office space that makes everyone feel warm, welcome, and productive — whether the whole floor is joining in or it’s just you in your home office corner.