Do you know an easy way to download videos from Pinterest? There is no doubt that you still do not know about the world’s number one method of downloading videos or even pictures or GIFs from Pinboards. All we know is just to pin interesting posts to Pinboards and visit them whenever we like. Even you cannot share those interesting files with your friends who do not use Pinterest. Anyhow, this is a complete guide on how to download a video from Pinterest. Downloading a Video from Pinterest is not complicated. But you must know the exact way how to download a video from Pinterest, which we are going to discuss today. We just call it Pin Downloader. It is a very simple method of saving videos to your device from any Pinterest account. And the most interesting thing is it is not just for videos.  You can collect pictures and GIFs too. All you have to do is copy the link to whatever interesting post once you pass it. Just check what we brought you here and try to follow the steps.

How to download a video from Pinterest?

Here is the exact way to download a video from Pinterest. As we said, the best and the easiest option to do it is the Pinterest Video Downloader. This is an online method that none of you have to download and install to the smartphone or the computer. and even it does not matter with whatever device you are here. all you have to worry is about your internet connection.

By the way, Pin Downloader is not the official video downloader of Pinterest. It was introduced by a third-party developer to save any media file we see while scrolling down the Pinterest timeline. It can open by search using whatever web browser. If you visit the page correctly, then you only have to enter the URL of the post that you need to save to your device. Then the tool will download it for you for absolutely free.

Saving a video using the Pin downloader has only a few steps. It won’t waste your time and even will save your data. And also, you do not have to maintain the tool like we often do with installable mobile apps and desktop applications.

Guide to download videos from Pinterest

First of all, decide whether you are using a smartphone or a computer to download media from Pinterest. If you are using a smart device, you can go through the Pinterest app. It is easy for you to use the web version of Pinterest if you are using a PC or laptop

  • Simply log in to your Pinterest account and search for the topic you need. Then select a video or a couple of them to download. No need to follow this step if you already have a video clip selected. Just open it and get ready to download
  • Copy the URL of the selected Pinterest video clip. Use the share icon, copy URL icon, or the address bar to copy the link of the specific post
  • Now visit the Online Pinterest Video Downloader tool
  • And then find the download button and the bar
  • Paste the copied link there and click the button and remain for the tool to open the preview of the selected video
  • Once the preview will open, you can click the next download button or select sizes or qualities, and then select the download button. Then the file will smoothly save within the next few seconds


Troubleshooting tips

Pin Downloader tool will not often put you in trouble because of its online downloading method and even simple functions. But, if accidentally it will not download Pinterest videos for you, there must be something wrong. For the most part, errors occur because of improper internet connection, insufficient storage space, or because of an unexpected technical issue. Consequently, you can check two previous requirements and make sure if there is nothing wrong with them. Or else simply refresh the Pinterest Video Downloader tab and try for a second time.

What’s more?

No need to waste your time for searching an installable Pin Downloader version. It is just an online option. all you have to find is its download bar and the related button to click. When the preview will open, you can change the file size or the format according to the given table. And also, some of you might feel that the chosen file is not the best option you have when the preview is open. So do not worry. Just close the tab and find another video clip and do the same. That’s it.

When you will download the video clip, you can use it any other place and it would be great rather than using a link of a post. But do not forget to give credits to the relevant owner of the video for it can be a copyrighted media file.

However, this can use whenever you need to use it on your desktop or smart device. There is no certain time or you do not have to pay even if you download thousands of files. the team behind the Pin Downloader will update and fix errors. So you can simply visit it and save the file you like.  

Wrapping up

Hope you got to know how to download a video from Pinterest quickly throughout our narration. We are not going to continue for it is time for you to try it on your device. Do not forget to share the Pin Downloader page with your friends. However, Download Pinterest Video for Free using the Pin Downloader is truly simple even if you are not an expert. The tool’s user-friendly interface tells us everything about it. People who visit the tool page for the first time will not search for a guide for they can handle it on their own. It only asks the user to bring the accurate URL of the post and apply it to the download bar. It can technically find the relevant video and bring it for free on your device. It does not matter if you are using an iPhone or Android device. Do not forget that we brought you an online tool that anyone using any device can deal with.