Technology equalizes the playing field for the modern business owner. It allows them to track their company stats in real time, connect with their customers via social media and boost their exposure (and therefore, their sales). While there are plenty of excellent technologies that could help your business get more sales, the following four are among the most promising.

Run Ads Online

Running ads online helps you attract targeted traffic to your website and to your store. Depending on your budget and the needs of your advertising campaign, you can run ads on Google, Facebook, an influencer’s Instagram or YouTube channel or on your own website. The right online ad has the same drawing power that TV and radio does in many situations and sometimes even better in other instances.

Create a Mobile App for the Sales Team

Anymore technology allows us to keep track of our business’s analytics, customer profiles and account histories all in one place. What’s exciting about technology from a sales standpoint is that it’s possible to make all of this entirely mobile. By creating a mobile app for sales you give your sales teams an at-a-glance look at everything your sales team needs to know to help your customers. This speeds up the process by allowing your customers to see their stats in real time and thus, make buying decisions in real time, too.

Use Good SEO on Your Blogs

Using search engine optimization, or SEO, on your blogs is a powerful way to attract people to your website and to eventually make customers of them. If you’re not familiar with SEO it’s the practice of using certain keywords on your website in order to attract more customers.

Typically, these keywords are the same ones that people use when they’re doing web searches to find something. For example, say you own an Asian restaurant in your town. Chances are people will look online for Asian restaurants by typing something like “Asian restaurants near me” or “Asian restaurants in [your city]” into the search bar. If your site also has these words on it, then you’re likely to attract these people to your business.

Utilize Sales Funnels

If you’re not building your mailing list with sales funnels, you should be; they’re a powerful way to get qualified leads for your sales team. If you’re not sure how to build one, here is some advice for you.

First, make sure you have an excellent landing page. This is the carrot that draws people in. It’s where you’ll post your offer, which could be a free report, free digital swag, etc. The idea is that you’re trading this freebie for the prospect’s contact information. Once the prospect gives you his/ her email, be sure to follow up with another email, an offer or even a copy of your newsletter. If you do this correctly, you’ll eventually make customers of the people who are on your list.

The money you spend on technology for your business could have a direct effect on your company’s bottom line. Nowadays, it’s possible to keep track of your sales and to contact customers via mobile apps, email and other technologies. The right technology makes the sales process seamless from the time the prospect finds you on your website until the sales papers are drawn up and signed.


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