How Vinyl Flooring Is The Best Option For Kitchen And Bathroom

There is absolutely no doubt regarding the fact that Vinyl flooring is gaining popularity at an exponential speed. Vinyl flooring comes with a number of desirable features that continues to make it a versatile and popular option for most homeowners around the globe. In every house, the kitchen and the bathrooms are among the most used areas. Therefore they require special care. Let’s take a look as to how vinyl flooring is the best option for kitchen and bathroom.

For Kitchen:

Vinyl flooring is one of the best options especially for kitchens. These floors are able to withstand extreme temperatures. Here are some of the important features that make Vinyl Flooring apt for using in the Kitchen.

Design of the floor:

When it comes to flooring the first thing that crosses our minds is the design of the floor. This is where vinyl stands out. Advancement in manufacturing has led to vinyl floors giving a beautiful appearance of other sophisticated materials like hardwood, natural stones or tiles.

It’s waterproof:

What makes vinyl flooring the best option for kitchens is that it is resistant to moisture. It makes a covering over the whole surface of the floor and will not let water or moisture to seep down inside. This feature makes the flooring last for a long time.

Cleaning is easier:

Kitchen is one of the high maintenance places as it is prone to spills on a regular day to day basis. Vinyl flooring can be easily cleaned with any regular cleaner available in the market. It is resistant to stains so it makes so much easier to take care of.

For Bathroom:

When it comes to choosing the floor for bathrooms, vinyl flooring is one of the smartest options out there. There is a huge variety of patterns, colors, styles available in the market. Here we give you some idea as to why vinyl flooring is a great choice for bathroom flooring.

Cost Effective:

Vinyl flooring is one of the most cost-effective flooring solution without compromising much on the quality. If you are on a budget t becomes extremely inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs perfectly. Take a look at the Karndean Van Gogh range. The flooring options offered by Karndean are affordable, are available in a variety of textures and different colors. You can easily customize the look of your home according to the color scheme.

Easy cleaning:

Vinyl floors are very easy to clean. It can be cleaned with any regular cleaner. A simple mop cleaning occasionally is all you need to do. This makes the work hassle-free.

Water resistant:

When using flooring in the bathroom Vinyl has a great advantage over all of the other options available. It provides great water resistance in your bath. Because of this feature, you won’t slip on the wet floor.

Acts as a good insulator:

Vinyl flooring works as a better insulator then tiles. It has a warmer feel and is soft compared to other flooring options. This property makes it a lot more comfortable to stand for longer periods of time and won’t hurt your feet at all.

Very durable:

Vinyl flooring is more durable and lasts a long time without any wear and tear. This makes it low maintenance and cost-effective in the longer run.

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