The eco-decor is a marked tendency in these times, plus if you love rural, rustic or vintage of this style is perfect with you. Today we’ll give you some options to transform that old ladder you no longer use, in a great accessory for your home decor.

On the Outside

Whether in your garden or on your patio, an old worn stairs is perfect to include in your decor or as support of some objects.

Candle Support

An idea like this would be perfect on your balcony. An old worn stairs can be used as support some candles, and at night look like a beautiful, romantic and subtle detail.

Plant Support

That idea is perfect for your garden. Forgot wooden staircase that can be used as the support of your pots and plants, you can also use some vines for a more pimp style.

Flower Supporting

Flowers are synonymous with freshness and joy. Whether for your yard or garden is sure to be an attractive, original and vintage decor.

Ideas For Recycling Your Old Ladder


The vintage trend is very strong in these times, so use an old staircase in your living room, kitchen or bedroom gives you a very attractive and original touch to your decor.

In the Living Room

Give use different objects to be part of the decor is a very novel idea in recent times. You also take hold of this option using an old staircase as auxiliary furniture for decorating your living room.

In the Kitchen

Liven up your kitchen using a ladder you may well serve to hang those pots that are part of the decoration of this space. A very rustic!

In the Bathroom

Use an old towel or organizer staircase as in your bathroom is a great idea because it is a very original solution to replace the typical bathroom accessories. Furthermore you can forget to use the drill and damaging your walls.

In your Bedroom

As rack is a fabulous idea for your bedroom. You can choose to place those shoes that you use frequently, you can also hang bags, scarves or even an occasional photograph.

In your Closet

This idea helps you get organized but also will give you an original decoration. Place a ladder and so you can leave some boxes on it but also hang your clothes, jackets, shirts and even hats.

Other Options

Besides having an option to every corner of your home, you can use to place objects that will give a chic touch to your decor.

For your Books

Replace the traditional bookseller by an original idea. Use two old staircases, give them a neat paint and you will see are like new, ideal to place your books.

For your Christmas Decorations

An original way to hang your strings of lights and Christmas decorations is to use that worn but serviceable ladder. So now you know for the upcoming holiday season you can dip into this fabulous idea.

Check with your imagination and creativity to make something fabulous little things. Before you throw away those old stairs or any other pileup think twice because anywhere you can find inspiration to give it a second very funny and original use.