An office located in the middle of a business centre has a few caveats. For one, you find yourself faced with the costs of an extremely high overhead, which can consume a huge portion of your operating budget. Furthermore, business districts in major cities including Auckland are extremely busy making moving in and around the city quite difficult, especially during peak times. However, there are more benefits to moving your office to a centrally located place than disadvantages. For one, professionals benefit from the plethora of alternative office leasing options available in these areas, namely co-working. The co-working office gives professionals a relatively cheap alternative to traditional office leasing. Continue reading below for more information about how moving your co-working space to a centrally located area will benefit your business. Price First and foremost, co-working spaces that are located in centrally located areas offer businesses a bargain where office space is concerned. Typical plans offer professionals a hot or dedicated desk to work at, in addition, the use of world-class internet services and IT technicians. Many of these offices provide professionals with a receptionist and access to the buildings in off hours. For the most part, professionals pay for using the space instead of leasing the place. View Servcorp New Zealand’s co-working site at to see the many different amenities co-working spaces typically offer its professionals. For start-ups and the self-employed, these spaces have a drastically reduced price tag simply because businesses only pay for the use of space instead of leasing an entire office. Prestige Being in a centrally located place has other advantages as well. Because many co-working spots sit in, or near, business districts, your business benefits from being located near other big-name industries that you typically see in these locations. Co-working spaces in centrally-located areas provide your business with a professional image by simply giving you a high-profile address. Furthermore, most people know where business centres are located in their city, and so when giving directions, your office is easily located. Accessibility Centrally located areas also provide businesses with access to needed resources. As opposed to having to travel or even leave your office building, often you will find your office is on the route of delivery companies making it easy for you send and receive packages. Your office also benefits from being located near legal and government offices, as many buildings contain licenced professionals that readily handle your business needs. For example, you might find you need the services of a notary. Because of the numerous legal and governmental offices in, and around, centrally located areas, this resource is a little more accessible. Foot Traffic One of the major reasons that being centrally-located benefits a business is that downtown is a source of much foot traffic. With transit, restaurants, and shopping close by, your business is one that is accessible to a diverse population. Furthermore, not only do these places serve as sources of foot traffic, the businesses around your office also have the same function. For the most part, centrally-located co-working offices place you in proximity of where a lot of people are throughout the day. Parking Parking in centrally-located areas usually makes it easy for you to access buildings, and this benefits your business as well. The average customer is less likely to want to frequent a business where parking is difficult to find or too far away from the building. Centrally-located businesses tend to also be near parking garages that can be used for both people working in the area and the patrons that visit the building. Advantages Outweigh The Disadvantages Moving your co-working space closer to centrally-located areas benefits you in the long run. While rental prices might be slightly elevated because centrally-located places are more sought after, your business benefits by the amount of traffic that is in the area and the numerous resources available to you. Finally, a centrally located spot places you in the middle of valuable resources.

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