Isonitol is the one of the highly recommended natural stress reliever. It has very good reviews from users. It is a substance made of vitamin and carbohydrate. It can be found in brown rice, whole grains, and lecithin. But to be very effective the amounts from natural sources is not enough. It is very helpful in nerve transmission, proper formation of cells, and transportation of fats.

In people suffering from anxiety and depression, we can find low serotonin levels. It is a neurotransmitter. Inositol can regulate this level and help in treatment of anxiety.

Normal response to stress is known as anxiety. Till it is in control there is no need of medication, however, if it starts disturbing daily routines and functioning, it becomes a problem.  In this condition, people start feeling tired, restless and irritated. They suffer from headache and sleep related disorders.

Inositol is helpful in this condition to treat anxiety. One has to start the dose after discussing with their physician. It may interact with other drugs or cause some side effects. Dose suggested for inositol is 500mg twice a day. In treating severe conditions dosage can range between 12-18 g per day. Inositol is water soluble. There are less chances of producing toxic side effects. In moderate doses most of the people won’t experience any side effects. When taken in large doses, it can cause diarrhea, fatigue, dizziness, and headache. Once the body gets adjusted there won’t be any issues.

In the brain there will be GABA receptors which keep us calm and responsible for peacefulness in whole body. Inositol help these GABA receptors in their function. GABA receptors are produced when needed. They cannot be a stock. So when the body wants it that can be supplied indirectly through the intake of inositol. Inositol works by mimicking GABA receptors function. This is effective in relieving anxiety conditions. After the appropriate dose of inositol, people can work calmly throughout the day and feel less stressed.

Inositol For Anxiety

Before going for inositol, desired tests should be done and doctors should be well informed of medical history of the patient. It may lead to allergic conditions. According to reports, mainly following health issues or conditions should be well discussed.

  • If the patient is carrying or planning to carry
  • If the individual is already taking drugs for high blood pressure
  • If he or she is suffering from heart diseases
  • If they are already in treatment for liver diseases like cirrhosis
  • If they is history of addiction to drugs
  • If they are alcoholic
  • They already have chest pain which is not yet treated
  • If they have a medical history of being mental patient like psychosis

Since it is very addictive, users should be aware that they should not share the medicine with family members and friends. People who want to give an interview or one, who is preparing for a speech, usually use modafinil. This is because it is very effective in reducing performance anxiety. After the dosage people won’t feel hesitation or nagging thoughts which hinders their performance.