Interesting Websites Review

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Today we want to review a few of interesting websites worth of visiting.

2leep (1)

So first of all it is - a lot of nice stuff updated each hour, won’t let you be bored every day. Content varies in every different topic its possible to imagine. It also features a phone app. Highly recommended to visit!


Next one is European Reviews. It features tons of customer reviews in every possible European language possible, including Turkish. So if you are looking to buy something, online or in the store - pop it open and check the reviews before buying. Or post your own reviews. It has nice mobile version, useful on the go in the store etc. Recommended!


And of course one of our all time favorites - - all stuff Russia updated daily, videos, photographs etc etc. on quirky and fun side of Russia. Highly recommended as well!

Let us know if you liked this posting and we will continue such website reviews in future too if it gets good reviews!

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