Most of us would have heard on the news from time-to-timeor learnt in science class that acid rain is bad. Acid rain is a pollutant caused by the burning of fossil fuels by coal-burning power plants, automobiles and factories. This burning of fossil fuels releases nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide into the air. When these compounds mix with water, oxygen and other chemicals, acid rain is produced. To a smaller extent, acid rain can also be caused by the chemicals released by erupting volcanoes and rotting vegetation.

According to the Environment Protection Agency, acid rain is bad because:

  • it is harmful to human health as it can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia or permanent lung damage;
  • it is harmful to forests because it can dissolve nutrients like calcium and magnesium from the soil which are essential for healthy plant life and it releases aluminium which hinders trees from soaking up water;
  • it is harmful to streams and lakes because it can kill aquatic wildlife;
  • itis harmful to buildings and objects such as statues, monuments and cars because it can cause stone statues to look worn down and paint to peel.

Is Alkaline Water Good For You?

According to the popular alkaline diet, another kind of acid that is bad for human health are the ones that are produced from eating certain foods like meat, cheese, refined sugar, processed foods and wheat. Too much acid in the body can cause problems like weight gain, arthritis and cancer. On the other hand, foods that make our bodies more alkaline, such as fruits and vegetables, can help us prevent kidney stones, improve heart health and brain function, keep bones and muscles strong, reduce low back pain and lower the risk for Type 2 Diabetes and colon cancer. Whether we believe in the alkaline diet or not, any medical doctor, nutritionist or dietician will tell us that eating more fruit and vegetables is good for optimal health. If eating alkaline food improves health, doesn’t that mean that drinking alkaline water also improves health? Definitely. That is why health conscious people use acid water neutralizers in their drinking water.

What are acid water neutralizers?

Acid water neutralizers are products that purify and enhance our drinking water to make them more alkaline. They come from a kind of active coral mineral from the sea called Sango Coral, which is from Okinawa, Japan; where many of its residents have the longest lifespan in the world. This long lifespan is attributed to their highly alkaline drinking water. Though we may not have drinking water as alkaline as the Okinawans, we can certainly reduce the acid in our drinking water by creating more alkaline in them. Acid water neutralizers contain 74 active ionic minerals. When these acid water neutralizers are mixed with water, it can reduce the acid levels in our drinking water and bodies; hence improving many health conditions. Many of these acid water neutralizers come in sachets and are as easy to use as dropping a tea bag in water and mixing it.

Is Alkaline Water Good For You?

The benefits of using acid water neutralizers in our drinking water are:

  • it reduces the acidity in our bodies;
  • it hydrates our body more effectively, thereby resulting in better delivery of nutrients to the body and better detoxification;
  • it provides our bodies with calcium, magnesium and over 70 trace minerals that are essential for good body metabolism;
  • it helps the body to heal itself;
  • it contains billions of antioxidants;
  • it increases oxygen intake into the body, thereby increasing energy levels;
  • it helps the organs to function more effectively resulting in improvements in the way we look and feel, improvements in our skin, hair and nails;
  • it makes weight loss much easier.

If prevention is better than cure, we should all be reducing the acidity in our bodies so that we don’t have to fill our bodies with medicines to treat the ailments caused by too much acid. To quote a medical doctor I heard on TV the other day, “the best medicine is no medicine.” What better way to reduce the acidity in our bodies than to eat less animal proteins, eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink more alkaline water with the help of acid water neutralizers. So eat healthy, drink healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.