Relationships take work, desire and patience. For a relationship to work you have to strive, try to understand each other better and find ways to relate without conflict or learning to solve them. There are always obstacles facing couples and define whether it is a lasting relationship and whether it is a relationship that really makes them happy.

Look what obstacles they need to overcome together to have a healthy relationship are!

Bad Communication

Communication is vital in a couple because when lack misunderstandings and fights occur. It is not only necessary for the daily life but also to know each other better, his goals for the relationship and future plans. If you want to enjoy a healthy relationship, you need to be able to generate instances to talk with your partner.

Unfounded Jealousy

Jealousy is an obstacle faced by all couples. And while it is natural and logical, unfounded jealousy can end the relationship. You need to trust each other and not create situations that the couple wear. Find ways to learn to deal with this jealousy without affecting the relationship.

Keep A Healthy Relationship After Overcoming These 6 Obstacles

Routine in the Relationship

The routine is not bad but sometimes couples tend to fall into repetitive and monotonous something that adds to the relationship and makes lose interest. The routine may even occur in different aspects such as intimacy and sex or even the way we discuss and resolve conflicts. It’s good to change things up and keep them interesting to avoid boredom.


Distrust is one of the biggest obstacles that a relationship can face. Whether you’ve had bad past experiences or that he has caused the distrust, you need to think about the relationship and what you want. If you really want to follow and bet on the relationship, you need to trust your partner and avoid become possessive or press. Give freedom, trust and feel safe is what permitted to have a healthy relationship.

Lack of Tolerance

Tolerance is important in a relationship. We are all different and always have frictions and differences, the key is to learn to accept and don’ts become a subject of discussion. Not tolerate the other, generating fights or discomfort in the couple cause to distance.


Relationships, like people, need to believe. I’m not saying that the next step must be the marriage or children, but projecting future or do things that allow them to grow and improve the relationship. A journey, live together, start a business between the two, are ways to break the deadlock and that the relationship can grow.

No doubt there are several obstacles that must learn to overcome to enjoy a healthy and happy relationship. Not only has to be love but has to be respect, tolerance, and desire to grow together and know each other better.