There are different types of processes and techniques used for printing on image on stuff but hot printing remains the most popular one.This is a printing process which has evolved over time which requires process controls, fine adjustments, and mechanical stability to obtain the best achievable impression. You can find different methods applied in current applications like traditional printing and press work and also high quality roll-on machines and peripherals for decorating round, oval or square stuff in a single and continuous operation. The pressure exerted in these methods is measured in ounces and grams and no longer in tons like before.

Know The Basics Of Hot Print USA And The Process

The Benefits Of Hot Stamping     

The benefits of Hot Print USA remain the same irrespective of the application machine. The process of printing is durable, permanent and dry in which the image is fused thermally to the substrate through the colored foils by heating the die. It is also sustainable to the outside elements and longtime exposure does not affect the readability of the image. The heat that is passed through the die to the foils actually disturbs the molecular structure of the materials in contact by melting it. These melted and moving molecules get transferred to the substrate and set s there once it is cooled by removing the heat.

It Is Die Selective

The process followed in Hot Print USA is entirely die selective in nature and occurs only when the die is in contact with the surfaces. The heated die is mounted on a platen which is on the upper side of the pressing machine and the multi-layer foil is placed within the die and the substrate which is fixed on the worktable of the pressing machine. The color of the foils gets transferred along with the impression in the die when heat is passed and released for a specific period which is also called the Dwell time.

The Image Quality

The quantum of heat supplied, the pressure exerted on the colored foils and the Dwell time regulates and determines the quality of the image. There is no smearing or blurring of the image in hot printing. The heat and pressure is applied only on a specific area, the image forms only on the point of contact and nowhere else giving a clear and a distinct image once the foil is stripped from the stuff upward. It is during stripping when the pigmented layers separate from the carrier layer of the foil on the areas of contact only.

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