When it comes to Smartphones, it always pays to watch what the future has for you as a user. Checking out the trends as well as what is new in the market keeps one updated on important technological advances. When it comes to Samsung, users have always anticipated new products from the giant company. As such before one thinks that the competition for a given Smartphone has hit the crescendo, the company more often than not, releases new and improved gadgets. So what makes the Smartphones sell? This is perhaps for the reason that, Samsung has always provided users with exceptional Smartphones that not only help them in various applications but also help them make fashion statements with little or no efforts.

Know What To Anticipate For With Galaxy S7

As far as new releases are in question, Galaxy S7 is with no doubt one of the most anticipated Smartphone by Samsung users. Even with the fact that Samsung has hinted on several occasions that that they will release S7 but not in 2015, the hype about this phone is still too much. So, what new features will users expect?

  • To begin with, Galaxy S7 is expected to be lighter and slimmer. For many users, more stylish, slimmer and lighter phones have always been expected. Having in mind that Samsung S4 is quite light, it would be safe to imagine that this much anticipated gadget will be quite light. If it will be better than Galaxy S5 then it will be the lightest and most fashionable Smartphone. Rumors have it that, it will have a thickness of 6.7 mm, which for sure will make it very portable.
  • 5G network- users will be able to enjoy better and faster network performance if the rumors on this gadget are anything to go by. This is perhaps based on the rumors that, the gadget will feature a 4GB RAM as well as a 3 GHz octa-core processor.
  • Unremarkably high operating system- It is expected that S5 will be operating on an amazing android 6.0. If the improvement pattern Samsung has adopted over the years will stick, then users can expect Galaxy S7 to have a higher OS.
  • Camera- people who are in love with photography have not been left out as far as improvements of the Smartphones from Samsung are in question. It is expected that the new gadget will feature an 18 Megapixels rear camera as well as a 6 Megapixels HD front camera.
  • Screen- as for the screen, it is expected that the next flagship will feature a clearer and larger screen of up to about 5.2 inches not to forget that it might also feature an aluminum body chassis comparable to the feature reported in the S5. Users may therefore find a sturdier chassis on the Galaxy S7.
  • Last but not least, it is expected that Galaxy S7 will with no doubt feature a bigger internal memory of up to 4GB as well as a longer span life and not forgetting wireless charging.

With the above features, it is only clear that, the next flagship is the next big thing in the Smartphone industry.


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