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The lip filler procedure was one of the most popular non-surgical prosthetic procedures in 2016. More and more celebrities are using lip fillers to enhance their facial features. There are many reasons why patients want to have lip filler applied and ageing is just one of them.

Feel Youthful with Lip Fillers

As we get older our facial features start to thin and thinner and lose definition. The lips are just one part of the face where this loss of definition becomes more obvious. For most older women, they are most likely to notice this around their ‘Cupid’s Bow’. This part of your mouth is the V-shaped area of your upper lip. You will get the best results with a doctor who has lip and dermal filler training

This area can be disguised with the use of makeup, however, in some cases, it can actually make the area look more wrinkled. Make up highlights the problem, which makes lip fillers an excellent choice for those looking to fill the area.

Keep in mind, non-surgical cosmetics have different results and benefits for each patient. This is just one of the reasons why you should visit a professional lip fillers Glasgow clinic.

The Lip Filler Low-down

Lip Enhancement

Patients usually want treatment applied to the nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds), as this reduces the appearance of ageing. The nasolabial fold is the natural joint between the upper lip and the cheek.

This area becomes more prominent as we age and some patients are affected with this due to loss of definition in the midface or cheek area. This is not always the case as some are born with this and it has been prominent in their face since childhood or adolescence.

Surgeons recommend that clients make the distinction between ageing folds and natural folds before they go ahead with any surgery. Dr. Darren McKeown, Facial Fillers Glasgow surgeons says “If you can’t remember if you had the fold when you were younger, it is always best to check back to some old photographs”.

If the fold has appeared with age filler is highly recommended as it can provide a natural looking solution. However, if you have had this feature since your teenage years, it may result in an unnatural look. For this group of patients, it is recommended that you use filler in the cheek.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

As lips are an extremely sensitive part of the body, a local anaesthetic is applied area, making sure it is numb before the treatment begins. Once this process is complete, lip fillers are then placed into the area. The aim of this process is to give the patient natural-looking fuller lips.

The Lip Filler Low-down

Benefits of Lip fillers

Lip fillers give patients youthful looking lips, in just less than an hour. The treatment is extremely effective and you will leave your clinic with:

  • A defined smile
  • The corners of the mouth upwards
  • Youthful looking appearance
  • Fuller lips

After The Lip Filler Treatment

The lip filler procedure has little side effects, however, every patient is different. Once the treatment is complete your lips may be slightly bruised, swollen and tender. This feeling usually lasts for 6-10 days.


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