Linux shared web hosting is one of the most common and most popular hosting options available in the market today. Popular software and applications like Drupal, Magento, Joomla and WordPress among others all run on Linux servers.

In the following paragraphs we shall deal in detail with shared hosting, Linux shared hosting and the various important features and benefits associated with Linux operating system.

Look For A Quality Provider Of Linux Shared Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is one of the most common and popular forms of web hosting services. In simpler terms it is a hosting form that allows multiple web sites to share a physical web server and its resources like RAM, bandwidth, storage, CPU, etc. Shared hosting is generally provided by shared web hosting services providers who for a certain fee give a specified amount of space on their web servers.

As the resources like storage, network, computational power, etc are shared; this form of web hosting is relatively cheaper than dedicated hosting in which all the resources of a server are reserved to be used by a single organization. It is therefore the preferred choice for organizations that have smaller websites with low online traffic and less security concerns.

What is Linux Shared Hosting?

Linux hosting refers to the type of hosting wherein the server runs the Linux operating system. Linux is an open source operating system like UNIX and is provided for free.

Top benefits of Linux Shared Web Hosting

There are many benefits associated with hosting services that use Linux operating system. Some of the major benefits of Linux hosting are enumerated below.

Low Cost

This is perhaps one of the more important benefits of Linux hosting. Since Linux is an open source platform, there are no charges associated with it. It uses some form of the Linux kernel, which is typically free. You will find a host of open-source Linux applications available on the Web.

Since Linux is free, some percentages of the savings by the hosting companies are passed onto the consumers. Also, the majority of free and commercial software that run on websites assume that your website is running on a UNIX based system.

High Level of Flexibility

You get the facility of GNU or general public license with Linux. This allows it the flexibility to be used with various distributions such as SUE Linux, Red Hat and Ubuntu. You can use it to create websites, blog pages or to sell something on the net among other things with relative ease.

Additional Security

Shared hosting as mentioned above is less secure than dedicated hosting as the resources are shared by many websites residing on the same physical server. However, security concerns on shared hosting platform are mitigated to a significant extent by Linux OS owing its host of useful features that provides effective protection from viruses and malicious attacks.

Linux Shared Hosting vs. Windows Web Hosting

New webmasters on the lookout for a web hosting services are often confused by the multitude of choices available in the market. Some hosting services providers offer hosting options using the Linux operating system, while others offer hosting platform that makes use of Windows operating system.

People when confronted by these options often find themselves at sea. Linux continues to be the go-to choice for Web developers whereas Windows OS is more often used to serve certain specific needs.

Experts believe that Windows deployments are ideal if your website runs Windows-specific solutions such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL. Linux allows the use of PHP, Python, CGI and Pearl, which are very popular choices for webmasters.

It must be mentioned here that PHP, Perl and MySQL can also run on Windows machines. However, things may not run as smoothly as they run on Linux platform.  As such, PHP/Perl scripts (i.e., programs) that are downloaded from the internet must be modified to ensure that they do not have any trouble performing under Windows.


Both Linux based shared hosting and Windows based shared hosting have their own important features and advantages. Linux is free and easier to use whereas Windows OS are integral to perform certain specific functions.

Having said that, Linux shared hosting or Windows shared hosting is as good or bad as the level of service offered by the service provider. It is therefore important that you spend some time and money looking for a professional and competent service provider that provides top class Linux hosting with full technical support, round the clock help, and guarantee of exceptionally high uptime along with affordability and host of other special features for a smooth website performance. Acclaimed web hosting services provider combine the best of features with exceptional reliability and affordability to give a unique kind of boost to your business.

Quality service provider’s offer competitively priced Linux web hosting plans that is geared to meet the needs and requirements of a wide array of businesses irrespective of their expertise and the industry they are operating in.


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