Waxing is merely painful to everyone as getting your encores hair from your body is not an easy game. So, what else?

Any Specific Solution?

Waxing is the long lasting temporary hair removal remedy in the history of beauty- less painful of course.

Let us now discuss some important benefits of getting your body waxed:

  • Small as well as large area can easily removable with hot wax.
  • Waxing removes tanning, dead skin cells therefore leading to smoother skin.
  • It is available widely at al beautician salons
  • This is an easy ongoing process as you can do this at your place too with home waxing kits.
  • Side effects are minimal as compared to other methods
  • Waxing can be done on all areas of the body.
  • Re-growth of hair is less as follicle mould when waxing is done timely.
  • No irritation is caused -if caused then apply lotion and it will be gone immediately

Once you get used to it will be beneficial for future as radiant of skin will be beautiful and smooth forever. But if you took any certain chance by going for shaving or trimming then you must be prepared for cons too.

Waxing is evergreen and trustworthy method, so never take any risk or experiment with your skin. Also, consult your cosmetician before going for wax just to clear all your doubts-it is said “never stress yourself while waxing”-it results in pain.


Now this is what New Trend Says:

Hard wax kits feature formulation of special wax designed for unwanted hair removal from bikini area. This formulation is:

Fast, efficient and gentle

Also, this removes stubborn hair from the most sensitive and delicate areas which exactly everyone demand for.

Hard wax kits different from normal strip by following:

  • no muslin and pellon strip required for hair removal. Therefore, it saves money and waste.
  • It needs to be heated either in a steamer/warmer or in microwave.
  • It has cool reduction power which means -with its soft portion, hair simply sticks to the desired waxing product.
  • Right amount of heat is applied i.e warmed at low temperature as compared to soft wax.
  • Small/tiny hair is easily removed.

You have many choices for choosing your required kits from following:

Basic waxing kits which contains:

  • 330oz bag of wax tablets.
  • 3 wooden material spatulas i.e small, medium and large.

Basic waxing kit with tin comes with:

  • 330oz bag of wax tablets
  • 3 wooden spatulas, and
  • 1 empty wax tin too.

Pro wax kit with warmer:

  • 1 bag of hard wax of your choice
  • wax warmer with removing pot, and
  • 2 sets of wooden spatulas i.e small, medium and large.

Complete waxing kit with pro warmer with:

  • 1 33oz bag of hard wax tablets,
  • Wooden spatulas of specifically 6inch & 4.5 inch apparently,
  • Pre/post treatments, and
  • Pro wax warmer also.

There are other options too according to your needs.

Conclusion -we can say that this wax is the way to opt if you want to flaunt and look best in bikini. So, no need to give second thought to buy this.

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