Time card management systems works for task table and is used to record an employee’s clocking in and out hours for labor costs, payroll, and client billing. It also record the time you worked on projects, problems, change request, and incidents. Project managers have a benefit of access an optional approval mechanism.

States of the system

The system can have any of the following states, including pending, approved, submitted, and rejected.

Creation of Time Card

It can be created manually or automatically:

  • Manually: Create a new time card for your each task and fill the times manually.
  • Automatically: User can arrange or order time cards to be created when they are updating a task record. Automatic time card feature can only be used on desktop interface, not on mobile interface.

Cost management feature of the system

When a user enables cost management features, time cards is used to control the cost of labor in applications like Financial Management.

Roles of the system

The timecard admin role allows the admin to make changes, like approve, delete, and modifying time cards of other user.

Is the Time Card software beneficial?

Time card software, compared to other alternatives, is the best for your business if you hope to track employee hours for different purposes, including labor costs, payroll, and client billing. This software is designed for simplicity and efficiency.

Some of free time card software available:

  1. ShopClock
  2. RealTime
  3. TimePilot PC
  4. Time Clock Genie

Why choose ShopClock software?

It’s easy to set up and use from an employee perspective that offers features, including performing automatic accrual calculations and tracking shift differentials.

ShopClock features:

  • It’s compatible with Windows 7 and newer laptops, desktops, and tablets.
  • It’s password and fingerprint protected.
  • Calculates overtime automatically
  • It’s editable by the administration and the time card administration

Why is the RealTime software good for you?

It’s cloud based software, which is easy to use from every perspective, including administrators, employees, and managers. It tools and functions are comprehensive and robust.

Is theTimePilot PC software right for me?

It’s one of the easiest time card software for employees to use. It has earned highest score in testing for its employees interface. It found to be very effective in creating audit trails, managing time cards, producing reports to determine work tendency in employees including the amount of days taken off, constant missed or late punches, and time taken for specific projects.

Why go with the Time Clock Genie software?

It’s a clean time card interface system which is easy to navigate, and easy to install. It’s used to access tools, including entering number of hours worked, creating work schedules, and Employee Payroll Processing.

The best time card software includes following features:

  • Easily manageable
  • Works without crashing
  • Develop functions and reports to make sure the employees are focused on the business at hand.
  • System should be capable of integrating directly with employee payroll system and create compatible reports.

Make sure you jot down your preferences to make sure you go with the most viable software that meets your specifications. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the diverse range of time management tools available today, and it’s imperative that you make a calculated choice.