Ever since its discovery in 1804, morphine has gained popularity as one of the most effective pain relieving drugs available. It has been used for pain relief and recreational purposes. Some of the brand name products to find morphine include:

  • RMS
  • Oramorph SR
  • Kadian
  • MS-Contin
  • Roxanol
  • MSIR

Some people may find it challenging to live their normal life again after suffering from morphine addiction. But this is achievable with a drug rehab center.  Morphine can be injected, smoked, swallowed or used in combination with other drugs like heroin for a more intense high.

Morphine Addiction Treatment

How Morphine Addiction Develops

Morphine has a direct effect on the body’s central nervous system. Apart from alleviating pain, morphine gives a certain type of good feeling while relieving anxiety and fear. Well this good feeling comes with at a steep price as the effects of morphine are widespread in the body. Like with every other drug, users eventually build tolerance overtime and continue to acquire more and more quantity of morphine to maintain the high feeling. Ultimately, the user’s daily activities begin to suffer as a result of over dependence on morphine.  The user is now more concerned with acquiring more doses of the drug through whichever means possible, even illegally like forging prescriptions and “doctor shopping”.

How Morphine Works and Why Withdrawal Happens

Morphine alters the normal brain process, by causing it to experience a rush of chemicals related to pleasure and lack of pain. The brain then begins to adjust to this sudden change and burst of chemicals. The brain does this by stopping the production of the pain relieving chemical of its own upon noticing the external substance altering chemical levels. When a user suddenly stops taking morphine, the sudden imbalance can destabilize the brain leading to severe withdrawal symptoms. The brain will soon notice the absence of the external chemical and begin to produce its own chemicals again, but before that happens, the body must first react to the sudden change in severe ways. Hence, it is imperative that you seek professional treatment for morphine addiction.

What Medically Supervised Detoxification Services Do

Unsupervised and unguarded home detoxification from morphine can be very risky. The side effects associated with morphine withdrawal include stroke, heart attack and even death. Most times when people attempt to do it alone, they end up getting addicted to other substances in a bid to self- medicate. Medically guided morphine detoxification offers withdrawal symptom management as well as continuous care and monitoring of the patient to avoid any relapses.

Morphine Addiction Rehab

Detoxification is the initial step, and after this follows an important rehabilitation program to ensure full recovery. Rehabilitation programs in the form of inpatient and outpatient program specializes in providing additional help and support for an individual to help them conquer their addiction.

Support services may entail counselling, support groups and behavioural therapy. Continuous counselling by a licensed therapist may still be necessary after the rehabilitation process to ensure total abstinence from the use of such hard drugs.

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