Fish are one of the most calming and relaxing creatures to watch. Watching a tank of fish not only calms a person, but is also relaxing to the eye. This is why many places such as hotels, spas, doctor’s offices and asylums have fish tanks in their lobbies. Simply watching the movements of these slow moving, graceful creatures will automatically calm the mind down and will provide a sense of tranquility. One can daydream for years by simply sitting in front of a fish tank. Rearing fish however, is a skill that not everyone is blessed with. There are many things to know before you go ahead and spend an arm and a leg to purchase two dozens of fish and aquarium supplies Melbourne. So here are some fish tank basics that you should definitely empower yourself with before you have your own fish tank.

Decide on the Type of Fish

If you have taken the time to observe fish, you would know by now that not every fish is the same. Not even when it comes to appearance. So not every fish can thrive in any environment. So first and foremost, before you even buy your fish tank, decide on the type of fish you would want. If you have no idea about the different types of fish, you are due for a bit of reading on the subject, either online or at the local library. Get to know the different types of fish and the different environments in which they thrive. Once you have an idea, visit your nearest pet store and choose the fish that you decided on. If you are a beginner, opt for the inexpensive fish first. These are usually easy to maintain and are the least fussy.

Must Know Fish Tank Basics

Pick a Fish Tank

Once you have decided on the types of fish, choose a fish tank that is most appropriate for the type of fish you have chosen. The size of the aquarium varies with the type of fish you have chosen. While some kinds of fish take up more space, other kinds do not require that much space. Also, some fish tend to occupy the bottom stratum of the tank while other kinds spend their time in the middle and top strata. A Perspex fish tank is the best for a house or a hotel.

Fish Tank Accessories

It is not only enough to buy a fish tank and some fish, if you are going to take up rearing fish. There are many other accessories that are required in order for your fish to thrive in their new habitat. The types of accessories depend on the types of fish you choose. For example, if you choose tropical fish, you should also pick up a water heater. In addition, you should also pick up accessories such as aerators, filters and water conditioners. This is in addition to the fish tank gravel, plants and other decorative accessories that you will be picking up. If you have any trouble choosing the accessories, simply ask for help from a pet shop owner.

Water Testing

Now that you have a fish tank, fish and the fish tank accessories, things would not end there. You should always monitor the condition of the water in the fish tank, especially if you have chosen saltwater fish. For this, you have to buy a water testing kit. Most of the pet shops stock several kinds of such kits and they are pretty easy to operate. If you require any assistance, simply ask a pet shop employee and they will definitely be able to help you out.


The next basic question is how you should feed your fish. Should you feed them three times a day like humans eat? Or whenever you want? How do you know if the fish are hungry? How much of feed should I give at once? Well, you should feed them twice or thrice a day. Avoid throwing food into the tank just to see the fish surface and gobble up their food. Uneaten food will only rot and make the tank dirty.


You should have a strict cleaning schedule, with different activities scheduled for the day, week and month. If a fish dies in the tank, immediately remove it and clean out the tank. Never keep dead fish in the tank as the decomposing fish will produce substances that are toxic to the other fish.