Website design, search engine optimization, Internet marketing and website maintenance are all very vast subjects that require years of education, experience and research. In fact, this is what you’re paying for when hiring a professional web design agency. Undoubtedly, large-scale projects require professional expertise and simply can’t be built with a DIY site construction kit. Luckily, this rule doesn’t apply to simple websites like blogs, news sites, forums, e-shops and portfolios. These sites don’t require inventing new technologies and web experiences – they can be designed in short order, often by people with no coding experience at all.

This is where WYSIWYG website builders come into play. These amazing services help us create good-looking websites with minimum investment and stress. What’s more, they explain the basics of website creation, promotion and maintenance as you build your site – you will see many useful pop-ups, video tutorials and step-by-step guides explaining the importance of each site creation stage. See for yourself – most site makers have either free packages or trial versions.

#1 MotoCMS

Need A Website? Just Build It: Top 3 Website Builders

MotoCMS let’s you create a website in three easy steps:

1. Pick A Template.

MotoCMS offers a huge library of HTML/Flash templates for all types of businesses: Cafes & Restaurants, Wedding, Travel, Interior & Furniture, Fashion etc. Each template is equipped with an admin panel, mobile editor and set of widgets. In other words, each template is an almost ready site.

2. Upload It To The Server.

If you already have a hosting account, you can use it for your MotoCMS template. If not – purchase a hosting plan of your choice.

3. Customize Your Template And Click The Publish Button.

Open the control panel and adjust the design and upload content in the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get mode. No need to code. When your website is ready for publishing, share it with the world with a single click right from your editor.

#2 IM Creator

Need A Website? Just Build It: Top 3 Website Builders

IM Creator is an incredibly easy-to-use, one-stop-shop website builder targeted at completely HTML-illiterate users. Behind the kid-friendly interface and amazing templates, IM Creator hides a powerful code generator that instantly converts edits made in the admin panel to a valid, cross-platform code. The founders of IM Creator are very passionate about design – they cooperate with famous web designers to regularly enrich their collection of free templates with new, off-beat themes. IM Creator has a free version that never expires, so you can try to build your first site using IM Creator absolutely risk-free.

#3 Webydo

Need A Website? Just Build It: Top 3 Website Builders

If you are a great fan of Photoshop or InDesign, I highly recommend you creating an account with Webydo site builder. It has an advanced Design Management System allowing users to make pixel-accurate changes in the website design. There are so many professional tools, that the DMS may seem too complicated for the novice :). Webydo has a very feature-rich Mobile Editor. Users can choose between different mobile layouts, mobile-only features (like click-to-call for example), add menu icons, adjust colors etc. All Webydo-based projects remain free while under construction. When published, they cost $7.90-$9.90/month.

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