Needle rollers are smaller diameter rolling elements whose length is much larger as compared to their diameters. When compared to other roller bearings, these products have small cross-sectional height and excellent load carrying capacity.

If internal load applied on bearings is limited then they are suitable for apps having oscillation motions. The bearings may be light in weight or compact in size based on client needs. Here, we will discuss on most popular type needle roller bearings and their characteristics –

Needle Rollers Bearing – Classification and Their Characteristics

  • Needle roller with cage assembly

These rollers are special types with cage assembly to support the rollers. The cross-sectional height of these rollers is equal to its diameter. The structure is so flexible that it allows bearings to be fitted quickly. They can be availed in both types – single or double row configurations. Tolerance limit of rollers is satisfied and internal clearance can be adjusted as required.

These rollers can also be used along with connecting rods to support heavy or mid-sized combustible engines for different types of vehicles. Needle rollers with cage assembly and connecting rods are good to operate with high temperatures, pressures, high impact loads, complicated motions etc.

  • Needle roller & cage assembly for larger ends

These types of roller should be rigid with precise dimensions and appropriate gap between outer rings. The cage should also be made with high strength steel and regular heat treatment. There is one guiding system also employed at the outer side of the ring. High quality lubrication should always be used to protect the rollers against damage or breakdown.

  • Needle roller & cage assembly for smaller ends

These special types of rollers can be operated at larger speed and suitable for the apps with oscillation motion. These are the light weight rollers with maximum rigidity and good tensile strength. They should be made with quality raw materials only to withstand extreme temperature and pressures. These rollers are especially designed to minimize contact pressure and friction against connecting width.

  • Drawn cup needle rollers

These needle rollers are especially drawn from thin metal sheet and best suited to space saving designs. The bearings can be installed in limited space due to their compact design and shape. These bearing are open-ended shaped with no axial locking. These rollers have to be designed carefully to suit typical industry requirements.

  • Machined ring needle roller bearings

These are machined ring roller suitable for both metric and inch systems. These are highly rigid in nature with maximum load capacities and dimensional accuracy. These are single row or double row rollers suits best to space saving designs due to low cross-sectional height and weight.

These are few most common types of needle rollers popular worldwide. However, its classification does not end here. Based on application and usage, it may be divided into other categories as well. Industries may also suggest custom solutions that suit their requirement the most. Remember that raw materials should always be selected carefully for positive or assured results.