BPM is one of the disciplines that never stop changing and developing. Modern vendors try their best to make their products more effective an efficient. Terrasoft Company, the provider of bpm’online, is no exception to this tendency. In 2016, the specialists of this company announced about the new level BPM: their software has been joined by a number of new tools that inspire users to take actions, help in advanced dynamic case management, and provide intelligent data enrichment. The news concerning this BPM software can be found at https://www.bpmonline.com/company/news/14101. Besides, there is new data about the platform on the page of bpm’online Education Platform. Here you can both read about the actual updates of the system and learn how to implement it in your organization.

About Major Improvements of Bpm’online

In this article, we will discuss the distinctive features and benefits of the platform’s updated version. It is bpm’online 7.9 and it has the following advantages as compared to the previous release of the software:

The improved CRM system has new tools for the “smart” data enrichment

Now this platform can quickly identify mailing addresses, telephone numbers, social media accounts, etc. It easily digs up all the necessary data concerning certain people and companies from open sources. With this version of BPM, you will be able to manage your customer information much faster and with minimum efforts. Your database will be enriched automatically, which is particularly significant for large scale enterprises.

Now it offers the Dynamic Case Management (DCM) solution

Using this BPM tool, you can create and run even the most complex and unstructured business processes in a couple of minutes. All that you need to do is to accomplish simple drag-and-drop operations; all the rest will be done by the software automatically. It is important to emphasize that bpm’online version 7.9 lets specialists build the so-called “untamed” processes, which are an issue for most organizations.

Dynamic Case Management

There is a number of new marketing tools    

The updated BPM system allows enterprises run more personalized and smart campaigns based on clients’ behavioral patterns. You will be able to use additional channels for your marketing campaigns, bringing standard direct e-mail to a whole new level of effectiveness. The software is integrated with Big Data and has a variety of additional tools, aimed at monitoring and analysis of unsent and undelivered emails. All this ensures success of every email campaign.

With new level BPM, you will enjoy smarter sales

Now you will have a number of improved tools for fast and smart sales. They will help you manage pre-configured visits on your mobile phone and monitor stock keeping units in real time. These new opportunities will scale up massively the efficiency of field sales. Besides, the new version of the business process management software can be integrated with the company’s Landing page, which lets users customize automatic registration of orders and other data obtained from the website in the CRM system. All this increases the volume of sales and makes the company more competitive.

new level BPM

It elevates customer service to higher standards

The new level BPM lets organizations deliver more personalized customer care, answering clients’ requests faster and more efficiently. The system has been joined by a number of upgraded service calendars, as well as the new algorithms for the calculation of case resolution timeframes. This calculation is based, first of all, on the priority of issues, their service level agreement or support plan. All this ensures a flexible and personalized approach to handling every request.

All in all, version 7.9 of this business process management solution has more than 200 enhancements and improvements.

What Should We Expect from Bpm’online in 2017?

According to specialists, in 2017, CRM solutions will turn into centralized databases, aggregating technical information about the so-called ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) to drive data-driven decisions. What is more, the artificial intelligence-powered tools, closely related to IoT infrastructure, will let organizations improve the quality of service and deliver an excellent customer experience both online and offline. The new level BPM will go on using Big Data, with its advanced predictive technologies for marketing experts and business analysts. As reported by International Data Corporation, the benefit of using this system will reach the level of $187 billion by 2019. Integrated with Big Data technologies, the new version of bpm’online will provide businesses with the unique actionable models predicting better content, more attractive offers, and more targeted ads. All this will drive more investments in BPM and make the software of the kind even more popular.

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