Over the past few years, Australians have become a lot more health conscious and are looking at yoga and pilates to help improve their overall health. It makes for a good change from the usual heart pumping cardio that is so common.

This article highlights the basic information and movement principles that a Pilates beginner will want to become familiar with. By the time you are done reading this article, you will have a sense of what Pilates is, and a good idea about how to begin.

Pilates For Beginners

Then, you’ll be ready to move on to some basic beginner moves.  There are a range of places that offer pilates so important to understand what it is all about before your choose the best pilates courses Melbourne.Read below to find out what Pilates is all about and who it is good for and what are its health benefits.

What is Pilates?

You may have come across this word many times but do you know what it is? It is one of the fastest growing trends in the health industry all over the world, including Australia. Pilates is the great way to reduce you stress.  You may have seen the ads promoting various pilates programs and might have even decided to do it yourself. But before you jump in and start your workout, take the time out to get some basic understanding about what it really is and how it will benefit your body.

Pilates Instruction

The first decision you will have to make about starting Pilates is how you will learn it? Will it be through a group class at your community centre or gym or through watching videos or via one on one lesson in the privacy of your home?

Beginners are always recommended to start with watching instructional DVDs and reading some books to get a basic insight of pilates and its workouts.

Although Pilates is safe for anyone it’s always good to talk to your healthcare professional before you embark on a new workout regimen.

Pilates Exercise Fundamentals

Now that you are armed with some background information, its time to think about the different types of exercises. But before that have a read below of the basics about the pilates method that will help you get the maximum benefit from your workouts.

Pilates For BeginnersPilates Principles

Concentration, control, breath and flow. These words make up the common principles associated with pilates exercise forms. These exercises are done as part of whole body movements. Working with these principles help us to be fully aware of what our body can do. This accelerates the effectiveness of the whole exercise and enables our body to learn more from each exercise.

Basic Pilates Moves

There are a few essentials when it comes to using your abdominal muscles, how to position your spine and pelvis and how to increase the motions used repeatedly in each of the different exercises. If you know what you are going to gain from these exercises then you will get the maximum benefit from your workout.

Adjust Pilates for You

Pilates is quite flexible and can be tailored to suit your expertise level. This is one of its primary benefits. Almost all pilates exercises can be modified to meet various needs. A good tutor, whether in person, an author , or via video will suggest ideas for modifying each workout according to your fitness levels and stamina.

How does Pilates fit into your current fitness regimen?

If you consider yourself a healthy adult, you should try and work out alteast a few hours every day. Your typical routine should include:

  • At least 2 hours of reasonable aerobic activity — or 75 minutes of heart-pumping cardio
  • Strength training exercises at least two/three times per week

Pilates can be a good strength training workout, but it isn’t aerobic exercise. You’ll need to complement it with aerobic exercises, Such as running, biking or swimming.