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Saltillo Tiles:

Trends change and therefore there are always new ins and outs in fashion as well as remodeling industry. Flooring is a vital part of the house. It gives the basic look to the house and sets the theme that rest of the accessories need to follow. Tiling has been popular since always and it gained popularity due to the variety it offers.

Saltillo tiles are the new thing now but like every other thing, there are certain Saltillo tile pros and cons that one needs to keep in mind before choosing them.

Pros of Installing Saltillo Tiles:

Let us first look at the pros of installing Saltillo tiles. The few pros are as follows.

1- Eco-friendly

Saltillo is made up of clay. That clay is turned into the form of a tile, dried in the sun and then put into kilns. It ranges from red to yellow in color depending on the positioning of the tile within the kiln in that heat.  Since the tiles are made out of clay, they are eco-friendly. They feel very soft to the touch of feet and are much warmer on bare feet during the winters than the ceramic tiles which are colder.

Also, they should be sealed before installation as they are softer than the ceramic tiles. They can also be resealed after installation to give it luster and shine.


2- Easy Maintenance

Since the tile is a shade of brown therefore it tends to hide the is hard to tell if the floor is dirty or not. It is a huge advantage for families with children. Cleaning these tiles is super easy and convenient. Mopping or vacuuming suffices. If it is a little dirtier than usual or perhaps sticky, all you need to do is mop it with water, which is it.

In case you love them shiny, you can always reseal them after every year or two. These tiles have a long lifetime and can withstand all the situations.

Cons of Installing Saltillo Tiles:

Moving on, everything has its pros and cons of course. Let us look at the few cons these tiles have.

1- Uneveness

Even though Saltillo tiles are a new trend, they still may not work for a lot of people due to many reasons. First being that since it is handmade, the surface is not entirely flat. Other tiles like ceramic ones or marble ones are manufactured using proper machines which is why they are very even.

In addition to this, the grout lines make the floor look more uneven. This gives a very rustic look which not necessarily fits the décor of every other household.

2- Discoloration and Chipping off

Ceramic tiles tend to crack and chip as well but since Saltillo tiles are even softer, they are more prone to this kind of damage quite easily. Hence saltillo tiles cost more if you include the cost of maintenance. Also, since it wears and tears easily, there is a lot of discoloration and one part of the room may not match the rest of the room then.

3- Requires Resealing More Often

It needs to be resealed as it wears down the protective coating it has on it. Since the sealing on these tiles can wear off easily, they show patches of wear and tear.  You obviously have the option of adjusting with the look of medieval flooring or you can have it resealed. However, even with sealing, the tiles will keep gaining the worn out look over the years.

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