Proven 8 Ways To Improve Your Bench Press Workouts

Since there are many workouts at the gym, one may wonder why the emphasis on the bench press strength. But, whether you like it or not, this is one of the determinants of your weight lifting prowess as a bodybuilder. It is also one of the best ways to measure your progress in the lifting program that runs for weeks or months. According to some reviews on, most athletes who use their products measure the effectiveness of their performance using the bench presses.

Proven 8 Ways To Improve Your Bench Press Workouts

Now that it is evident that this workout is very crucial, it is time to highlight some common ways on how to improve your bench press workouts.

Get a safe position at the bench

The bench being your focal base is a crucial part of the mechanisms. Without a good position, it is possible to injure the body or fail on your weight lift efforts. Neither of this is required and, thus, it is a prudent idea to take a few minutes and assume the best position.

Use the lifting shoes

Most weight lifters have never tried them even though they are worth a try. They improve both the stability and the ability to use all your strength. You can get a good recommended pair from online platforms.

Use a waist wrap

The bench press can be strenuous to the waits muscles where bodybuilders are seen to draw much of their strength during the lifting. A waist strap is used to fasten the muscles and relieve the strain they get. You can buy a good leather waist strap from any reliable store.

Develop a routine

According to one heavy weight lifting champion, different people have a varying lifting styles when it comes to bench press. If it works for you, continue using it. However, people must take care of the wrist areas no matter which approach they use.

Practice, practice, and practice!

Perfection only comes with a lot of practice. Now that athletes know how important bench press is to their career, it is therefore highly advisable they practice on the best habits of doing it. While doing the practice, the bodybuilders will need to graduate from a lower weight to another.

Avoid over lifting at the top

It can be tempting to over lift at the top and show your prowess to the other gym users. However, one is slowly straining the wrists and the kills the mechanical advantage. As much as one may feel like to explode on the lower part, this is how the whole concept assists the body. Keep doing it from the bottom!

Taking the bar in a J-position

While lifting the weight up and down, the experts recommend curving the bar towards your chest or face as if you are drawing a J-position in the air. But why is this important? Well, research shows that this arc leverages the weight lifter using the biomechanical position advantage.

Vary the grip width

According to experienced weight lifting experts, varying the grip width to an optimum position will indeed increase your strength and ability to lift heavy weights. There is no one standard position for optimum lifting, and it is up to the athletes to find theirs.

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