We know how hectic home cleaning is during the summer. No wonder, keeping our homes clean all through this season makes us feel so exhausted. However, if you want to make home cleaning fun during summer, then we are here to guide you. In your Skywalk apartment in Kolkata, if you are looking for quick home cleaning tips for this summer, then read below. With summer, children will be at home and your rooms will be messier than the usual days. If you are a working mother, there will be hardly any chance to manage the cleanup. Even if you get back to your home, you would hardly get time to fix up everything.  So, for some quick cleaning tips follow our guide as mentioned below:
  • Glass panels have a tendency to accumulate more debris and dust during the summer season and needless to say that this is what our guests note while entering the house. So, make sure you keep cleaning them often and the best way to clean is using old newspapers. This will not only clean the glass, but make the glass panels smudge-free.
  • Patio furniture also needs proper cleaning during this season. Dust it often, whenever you get time to keep it clean. Warm soapy water and sponge can do the trick when you have iron rod furniture.
  • Do keep doormats both outside and inside your house. Doormats in the entryway are a MUST if you want to keep your rooms clean. Make sure it is a yearlong practice, especially during the summer as this is the time the house is in maximum use by the children.
  • Do wash the comforters, warm bedding and blankets used during the cold seasons. Store them clean until you need them again. If you store them without cleaning then they can harbour harmful bacteria.
  • As the kids will be on vacation, it would be great to involve them into cleaning the house. Try and give them their age appropriate tasks like changing bed linens or vacuuming carpets. This would not only keep the house sparkling, but will also teach them to shoulder responsibilities.
  • Try clearing all the unnecessary things whenever you get time, so that it keeps your house tidy and clean during the summer. Sell off old newspapers, magazines, carton boxes, plastics and other unnecessary things as much as possible.
  • In comparison to the other seasons, dirt tends to accumulate more during summer. So, dust the rooms frequently and do not avoid a few areas like the appliances and the cabinet tops. Always remember one thing that a dust-free house is the most comfortable place to live in.
Hopefully, these above-mentioned summer home cleaning tips will be helpful to you and reward you with a happy and comfortable living. So, wish you happy living in your Skywalk apartment in Kolkata!