Rekeying is the process of making a lock be opened by another key altogether while the old ones become worthless. It is like having a new lock in place. However, the key is the only thing that changes. The locks will be remain intact. Locksmithswill offer the rekeying services as one of their many lock services. Sometimes, homeowners compare the rekeying and the lock replacement services. They are often faced with a challenge of which one to use for enhanced security. Lock rekeying is however the cheapest option and it works just like the lock replacement method. Rekeying is however suitable in some situations. These are some of the situations that will call for a rekeying service. locksmith-620x330 When one possess many keys Too many options being availed to you makes you feel overwhelmed and make the wrong choices. Some homeowners will have very many keys each to open a certain specific lock. Since we are humans subject to errors, they will have a hard time trying to determine which among the many keys will be applicable for opening a certain lock. This leads to waste of time and lack of peace. In addition, many keys are cumbersome when it comes to carrying them. They will not fit in the pockets. Considering a locksmithcompany of your choice is the best idea to get a rekeying service. All the locks will be rekeyed so that they will be operated by a single key. The key however needs to be secured at all times because loss of it can mean loss of everything. A likelihood of other people having the key copies Homeowners possess the houses but do not simply access the houses all by themselves. They have families that need to use the keys as well as workers who will need access to the areas they work. With time, you never know the intensions of people around you. The kids will go out with the keys as well and give them to people they do not know. Locksmithcompanies are focused to ensure the security of the homeowners at all times by providing the rekeying services among other services. They will make other keys to open the locks and hence make the other previously used keys irrelevant. If there are people who had the previous versions of keys, they will have no access to the house any more. When you lose your keys In life, we misplace things. The keys are among the many things that will get lost time and again. This is due to the small nature they adopt. Losing keys cannot be a major problem but when the key falls in the hands of the wrong person, then it becomes a big problem. There is however a way provided by the Residential Locksmith Brunswick to solve the issue. They will rekey the locks so that the misplaced keys are not applicable for use again. When buying a new home Don’t trust the house too much for ultimate security. To eradicate the doubt of whether other people may be possessing the opening keys, simply rekey the locks so that you obtain fresh keys. It is just like having new locks fixed altogether.

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