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When you are living in an intense warm or cold region, the professionals recommend that you should arrange roof inspections at least twice for your house. Just like any other part of your property, the roof also needs care and maintenance as it is exposed to severe weather conditions throughout the year.

In order to increase roof longevity, regular maintenance and inspections play a vital role. Moreover, if you do not take good care of your roof or you skip the roof inspections then it can even void your roof warranty.

It an also affect your insurance claims as well. The best way to solve your inspection problem is hire a professional team for the purpose. The experts can evaluate your roof and help you in saving money in the longer run. It is important to understand when you should arrange the roof inspection, when you will need roof repairs as well as when you should replace the roof.

Roof inspections

The number of inspections in a year depend upon the nature of your property. For example, commercials roofs should be inspected prior to severe weather season. The same should also be inspected after severe weather season as well.

Direct sunlight of the summers and intense winter cold can affect the roof. If you arrange the inspection before the weather gets severe, you can prepare for the upcoming weather intensity. Whereas; if you arrange the inspection after severe weather gets over then you can arrange restoration and repair services.

roof inspection

Roofing Checklist

Some people prefer new roofing installation as compared to other roofs. However, the important point to understand is that every roof needs maintenance to some extent. In order to maintain a good roof, this roofing checklist can help you in evaluating the maintenance position of the roof. It can also help you in insurance claims.

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Moreover, this informational checklist can also help you in deciding when you need to replace the roof.

1.   The issues on the interior side

The roof inspection is mostly done from the outside. However, it is better to pay attention on the interior side of the roof. Examining the interior roof for leakage, mold growth, peeling paint and other damages. These signs help in locating the main damage and the extent of damage. If you are living in areas affected by snowstorm, then weight of snow can put pressure on the roof and affect the beams, forming cracks.

2.   The cleanliness issues

After checking the interiors, the next step on the checklist is to inspect the rooftop. Accumulated dirt, debris, fallen tree limbs and leaves can damage the roof. Moreover, if you keep noticing fallen branches on the roof then it means that you also need to arrange tree maintenance as well.

3.   Check the flashings

Some homeowners install skylights on their rooftop using the flashings. These flashings need extra vigilance when inspecting the roof. You can look for gaps between the roofs. These gaps can also give birth to leakage issues.

4.   Gutters and drains

If you have gutters installed on your roof then make sure these gutters are unclogged and clean. Any clogging or blockage in the drain can lead to watermarks, backup water, damaged seals and rusting shingles.

5.   Structural components

The roof inspection also includes checking the structural components of the property like pipes, vents, chimneys, equipment etc. All of these elements appear separately on the checklist. The professionals inspect the peeling paint, aging signs, rusting pipes, fungal growth, missing parts and pipes.

6.   The railings and external stairs

There are some houses that have external railings and stairs installed. Inspecting these railings, crossovers, platforms and other similar structural elements is very important. Any overlooked issue can lead to dangerous environment.

7.   Repairs

Apart from the above-mentioned important issues in the roof structure, sometimes previous repairs can also affect the functioning of the roof. The previous repairs should also be checked for possible damages as these are the first thing to fail.

Using this checklist

Developing a checklist and using to take a decision for maintenance of roof is the professional way to deal with roofing structure. The local roofer helps you in using an effective system for roof maintenance and installation. When the checklist highlights more than one irreparable issue in the roof then it means it is time to arrange a new roof for your house.

Some of the roofing repairs and issues can be handled at home. Whereas, some issues need professional repair, care and maintenance. Performing the repair tasks on your own can help you in saving money. However, any error in repairs can affect the roof and increase the extent of the damage. Therefore, getting a seasoned professional to perform the roof inspection can help you in saving time and arranging professional repairs.

A roofing checklist helps in arranging the necessary repairs as well as necessary decisions. Roof is an important part of property structure that helps in protecting the property from severe weather as well as insects, animals and other things that can harm the house. You can either find the roof care and maintenance checklist online or ask your professional contractor to provide you a maintenance checklist. New roof installation is an expensive investment and should only be done if there is no repair option available for the damaged part.

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