The world of Samsung Galaxy S4 is never ending and so is its world of accessories where you will get to enjoy the best of smart phone at the possible value. These accessories add a charm to your smart phone and make it worthwhile. These accessories are like the self help services that stick with your S4 at any cost and hence become an essential component of your smart phone.

S Cover

The world of the Samsung Galaxy S4 galaxy has many lighting products that enlighten your phone like it S cover which is a smart innovation of a flip cover that ensure complete protection of your smart phone. This S cover is a new step towards for the protection of your smart phone that understands your love for your smart phone and how compassionate you are about it. This S cover is real easy to use and is available in many ranges of colors. It renders your utility along with fashion which makes it one of its own kind. This S cover even provides a professional look and feel to your smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4’s Accessories Trending The Town

Pouch Sleeve

Another amazing accessory is the classic premium pouch, sleeve for Samsung Galaxy S4. This authentic pouch is made out of 100% vegetable tanned leather. This pouch helps you to carry your smart phone wherever you want with extreme security and ease. The best quality about this pouch is that it is water repellent and very easy to clean. The main function of this phone is to prevent scratches and scars on your S4 or even the upcoming samsung galaxy s7 as a result of which you don’t have to worry about your phone any more while travelling.

Wireless Charger

The next accessory is the Wireless charger which is again easy to use. The only thing that you need to do is to place it like your back cover and then you are off to charge your phone which makes it convenient to use as there are no wires, no weights just a simple and futuristic gadget.

Extra Battery Kit

Then comes, the extra battery kit that, works as a life safer for those who always need back up at hand, It is just a spare battery that is packed in a sophisticated box that makes it look good and it works well too. This battery will increase your battery life twice the actual value as the user gets the opportunity to use another battery when one falls out of charge.

Body Scale Monitor

The final accessory is the body scale monitor that is the perfect match for all the health freaks out there and who have the habit of checking their body weight frequently. This body scale basically sends the daily body weight to your S4 with the help of Bluetooth. It even helps you to maintain your weight history with the help of the S health 2.0 app as a result of which you can remain updated about your health even during the hectic schedule of life. The body scale supports maximum seven different members use it on one phone, making it family friendly to use.