Giving someone lifetime commitment by saying “yes I do” is a big change in itself. Marriage is a transformation from you to two.

Getting married is like starting a totally different existence even when you are living together for many years but still things immediately changes after marriage, articulates Chip Walker (Pharmacist in New York).

Saying “I Do” Totally Changes Your Life: Here Are 8 New Roles You Will Find Yourself In After Marriage!

Here are the changes that every married couple experiences:

  1. You Become More Responsible Suddenly

Life before marriage does not make you accountable for anything. From taking care of the house to handling finances, you know your family can do that more responsibly than you.

You are more of a carefree person. But once you get married & enter into this subtle relationship, then your level of responsibility increases.

But after marriage, you are supposed to take care of both families-emotionally, mentally, physically & sometimes financially too.

In traditional families, a lady normally takes care of household chores while men support financially.

These responsibilities increase as time passes, from taking care of your children to making decisions maturely to lead a happy married life.

  1. Transformation From ‘I’ To ‘We’

Before marriage, it’s just about “you “and “only you”. On your own, you do everything in your life from making decisions to all other activities.

But after marriage, you are supposed to share your entire life with someone else, so whatever you do in life becomes for you two, not just only you.

  1. Your Level of Patience Increases

Patience is considered a key in a successful marriage. As life totally changes after marriage so sometimes you have to face different problems also. With maturity and patience, you deal with the problems.

  1. Your Priorities In Life Change

After getting married, your personal goals, dreams, desire changes to family goals, dreams, and desires. So, “your priorities” changes to “our priorities”.  You learn to compromise.

  1. You Feel More Secure

After marriage, you know there is always someone to take care for you, someone you can share things, someone who will stand by you through thick & thin and will never leave you no matter whatever happens. So, you develop a deep sense of security.

In the start, it may be difficult for you to get used to another person, her/his habits and all other things but once you get along, you feel more secure and comfortable.

  1. Your Health Changes

Along with your lifestyle, marriage also changes your health you’re your daily schedule to your eating habits.

After marriage, you change your level of activities also as you also have to think about your spouse as your alcohol consumption can be reduced and etc.

So, after marriage, there are positive health changes. Moreover, your emotional & spiritual health also changes after marriage.

  1. You Perceive Differently To Yourself.

After marriage, your life is tangled with someone else, so you are responsible for well-being for that person also. Realizing this changes your entire outlook.

  1. You Communicate In A Better Way/Think Before You Talk

After marriage, you think before you talk. As you have to think about the other person while communicating.   You control your anger, expressive way of talking as you have to think that might your spouse get hurt.

So, you learn to express yourself better & calmly fix things. This improves your communication level also.

Last Thoughts…

In the start of the marriage, it is not easy to cope up with these changes but don’t get panic these will soon become a part of your life and you will totally love your new role in life.

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