New to the term start-up? You have landed to the right place; we are going to tell in detail what it is and how it works. Startup is a fresh company which is just been established. They are usually small in size and initial investment and basic operations are dealt by handful of founders or maybe just one individual. Start-up normally brings about a fresh and new idea which is not been tried earlier by anyone in the market. Services or products that are being advertised and offered in an inferior manner needs more attention therefore a start-up would shed more light to it and it would flourish.

She Loves Tech Global Start-up 2017

In the beginning the start-up companies expenses tend to exceed from their revenues because they are more focused on progress, marketing, development and making new strategies to sell the idea. Therefore they often require funding that can be taken from banks, government etc. to get funding another great idea is to turn to the non-profit organizations and loans from local bank( which is extremely difficult in Pakistan hence fist option is better). A start-up that prove its potential climb up the success ladder within no time and people’s acceptance gives it a great boost.

Now let’s talk about the start-up future in Pakistan, well there is no doubt Pakistan undergoes various problems every now and then which leads us to hundreds and thousands of issues every day. But on the lighter side of it, there is a lot of talent hidden in our land. What is required is right opportunity to rightful people. And the good news is that we do have tons of opportunities to start and run your own small business even in Pakistan. There are number of businesses that can be started with the help of small funding or budget which includes real estate, boutique, homemade food,  online retail etc. and if you are someone who is more interested in technology than you will be excited to know that in Pakistan “she loves tech 2017 global start-up competition” has been announced.

She Loves Tech Global Start-up 2017

We are delighted to tell you that this project is especially designed for latest innovations in technology, enterprise for women. I have not seen anything like this before, it comprises of global meeting series in 7 countries and international start-up competitors. The competition will have rounds in countries like china, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Pakistan.  The team that will lead she loves tech 2017 can message at global ultimate of she loves tech 2017 International Start-up Rivalry on Sep 16, 2017. Also they will get the opportunity to take part in an immersive 7 days long boot camp on Sep 11, 2017. The camp will have various activities planned up for instance they will have speak-up sessions and sections, social networking possibilities, individualized pitch planning classes and trips to major technology businesses.  The entrepreneurship giants of Pakistan are supporting this competition; we create Pakistan, Telenor velocity, NED ORIC CINETIC, tech valley Abbottabad, Peshawar 2.0, momentum, herself, plan 9, the nest i/o.

You can check whether you are eligible for the competition or not through the following;

  • The founding team must comprise of at least one female entrepreneur who is using tech innovation to solve a certain issue.


  • Any entrepreneur male/female that is using tech innovation to benefit women;
  1. Are a certain number of clientele women?
  2. Are the product/service is designed keeping in mind women users?
  3. Does the product/service addresses the issues that impacts women greatly?

  So those strong women out there who are interested can benefit from the start-up competition a lot.