Many people regularly visit to computer repair center without knowing the proper reason what happen to your PC. Here you will find some simple tips to solve your Computer problems at your home.

Boot Problem or Starting Problem

You will find some times your Computer is having starting problems.  Repeatedly showing a BIOS screen, but won’t boot into the Operating System. This problem appears only when you run out of UPS Battery Backup or fail to shut down your Computer. In this case, simply unplug your all wires attached to your CPU, remove your RAM and fix it in the same place or other RAM slot, and Plug all your Cables to CPU and turn on your computer this will work.

In a few cases your computer won’t start, then simply change your Motherboard Battery and then run.

Simple Steps To Speed Up Your Computer

Cleaning Temp Files to Speed Up

There are few files useless in your computer, simply operating your Computer or Browsing will form some unwanted temporary files. They can be removed by using RUN. Start+R from a window, then enter these (prefetch, temp, %temp%) to delete unwanted files from your computer.

If you don’t have time to delete these files find a good application which cleans your temporary files automatically.

Example: CC Cleaner.

How to run Dual Bios in your Computer

This process is only done if you know to format your hard disk with CD/DVD. If you are already running Windows 7 on your computer, then simply install windows 8 in the same drive where you installed windows 7,

If you are running windows XP then install windows 7. The dual operating system will show at startup.

Note: remember to never delete the previously installed files from the drive.

Know this

Install any antivirus on your computer, but the simplest thing to do is update it regularly. The virus has been created daily in a new form same way antivirus should also be new.

Best antivirus for your computer is Microsoft Internet Security; this application is small in size, simply download it and update it as per its requirements.

Whenever you insert a USB or some External Hard drives to your computer don’t forget to scan the drive, if you ignore this process your computer may find some vulnerable threats, which may have strong pressure on your hard disk and may slow down your computer.

Always eject your external hard drives from desktop screen in my computer window, before you directly remove it. This is the safest way to run your hard drives long time.

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