Some Finger-Licking Snacks

Snacks are an integral part of almost every household. The evening gossips cannot be imagined with a plateful snacks. People want to relish different types of Namkeens in their spare times. Everybody has his or her own choice of Namkeens and that is why there are so many variations in this popular food item. These heavily famous snacks along with others can be prepared by following the recipe thoroughly. For that, you can refer to various food websites’ snack section. Some different types of snacks that are prominent for their taste are as follows:

Some Finger-Licking Snacks

  • Moong Dal Namkeen: If you are looking for some crispy, healthy, and yummy homemade less oil snack, then this incredible moong dal namkeen may be for you. It is a perfect teatime snack prepared with Moong dal. You have probably tried this Namkeen by purchasing from the stores; however, if you want to make it in own your comfort zone, then you can learn its recipe.
  • Bread Paneer Rolls: These are all-time favourite snack that can be prepared quickly and easily. You can easily cook it with some bread slices along with delicious paneer filling. It has come with different variations in its paneer filling. It is a famous teatime snack. You can make this lovely recipe for your family and guests. This appetizer takes around 20 mins for preparation. You can serve them in smaller discs by sticking a toothpick to give them a look of the fancy appetizer.
  • Veg Spring Rolls: It is a famous snack that is frequently served prior to the meals in a form of the appetizer. It is a very easy recipe. In this preparation, good mixtures of vegetables with other spices are used. These baked or deep-fried delicacies are superbly crunchy and mouth-watering snack.You could use your preferred vegetables for its filling.

Capsicum and Cabbage are used for their taste enhancing capability. Besides them, beans, carrots, or sprouts can be used as well. This snack is very simple and quick-to-prepare and can be perfectly served with the spicy sauce including Schezwan sauce, tomato ketchup, or Sweet Chilli Sauce. They can be considered as healthy for using a liberal usage of vegetables. They are heavily served as party appetizer or snack.

  • Onion Pakoda: If you want to enjoy the romantic rainy evening as well as the shivering wintery days, then spicy and crispy Onion Pakoda is just perfect for uplifting your mood. It can be accompanied by your preferred chutney or masala tea. It is very easy-to-prepare. Novice cooks can make them as well by following the simple steps. Onion is the main component of this recipe. These deep-fried delicacies are usually enjoyed by every family member.

Some other popular snacks are DahiVada, KhamanDhokla, Gobi 65, Rice Cutlet, Veg Cutlet, Corn Cutlet, Mushroom Cutlet, Chana Dal Vada, Bread Pakora, Hara BharaKabab etc. There are so many snacks recipes available to satisfy your taste buds. Prepare these easy snacks and enjoy them with the whole family. Surprise your guests with your cooking skills.

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