The well-known vegetable in all our houses is Onion; it is a great source for us. In every house around the world it is used in all varieties of foods. Even though it is widely available everywhere, many of the people do not know the benefits of it. The onion used in many varieties like curries, soups, salads, fries, garnishing purpose and other purposes also. The fresh onions are also used in some natural medicinal products. There are many benefits in using the onions in our dishes, but now let us see top 5 benefits.


It gives tears while cutting down, but it so good in providing health to us. As it gives, good taste of the dishes also provides a great benefit to our health. Onion is a good container of vitamin c and anti-oxidants. The vitamin C, which helps in improving the immune system of our body. The onion also controls levels of blood sugar levels; raw onion in food helps production of HDL in us. The green onion is a very great source for vitamin A, also helps in reducing gastric ulcers.

Some Great Benefits Of Onions

Most useful in Food

As we already onion can be used in many dishes, the onion adds so much good taste to the dish. It combines different flavors into a good recipe; give a great taste to the dish. The onion mixes the vegetables used in dish and combines them together very much.

Other Benefits

There are many other benefits of onions, rubbing a fresh onion onto your skin can make the insects away from you. When your skin, swallowed or bitten by any insects you can rub the place with an onion, this can help you to reduce insect biting wind. When you feel little feverish keeping a piece of fresh onion your forehead can keep the side effects of the fever. Eating an onion with curd can produce juices that are helpful to increase your digestive levels, if you are feeling uncomforting with digestion, then onion can help you to improve your digestive system. Consuming an onion daily can help us to remove cholesterol from our body which causes heart diseases.

Using an onion in a salad can boost our immune system, a freshly chopped onion can be used in any salad. Finely chopped or diced onions can be used with snacks which are little spicy, this combination of snack can make your snack an outstanding one.

Some older people suggest younger one to use the onion juice wisely because of it’s capacity in curing eye problems. The juice of onion can cure the eye related problems.