Some Tips To Keep Your Delicate Lingerie In Shape

Already you have the most expansive and expensive collection of lingerie and now you get faced with the tips on looking after the same. Nice lingerie or intimate sets at times can be regarded an investment, particularly for those females who purchase them branded. To look after them will guarantee of the fact that it will last for a longer period than usual. Below are some tips that will help every woman in taking care of their delicate lingerie range.

Some Tips To Keep Your Delicate Lingerie In Shape

  1. The label– Every garment has a care instruction label stitched into the fabric. Located towards the side seams generally, it will highlight on the specific terms related to washing the lingerie type. Following these instructions mentioned on the label will be a wise step as the manufacturers have created it keeping in mind the type of the product.
  2. The missing label– if the label gets lost or is torn, it is best in hand washing the same in cold water with gentle detergent. It can also be washed by placing it inside the wash bag. Such tiny bags ensure that the lingerie pieces do not curl, become stretched or get twisted during washing. Do not squeeze at all times, particularly in case of bras as it is likely to misplace the underwires thereby giving it a peculiar shape. When it comes to drying, lay the same on a tower that is flat or opt for drip drying. Prevent putting the lingerie pieces in the dryer, but gentle steam can be used for removing the wrinkles
  3. Lingerie made of silk– The truth is the most comfortable material for lingerie should always posses the best care. One of the most delicate and widely used fabrics is silk, which should only be washed with a silk wash or a mild soap. Avoid using detergent on silk despite the detergent label having gentle mentioned on its label. Soak the lingerie piece in water for about 5 minutes and gently rinse it without squeezing or twisting it. The water used to rinse must be cold mixed with vinegar for removing the traces of soap. Roll the lingerie lay flat above a towel to dry. It can be ironed while it is damp or attach the same in the steamy bathroom for some minutes for removing the wrinkles. Never expose the silk or satin lingerie under the sunlight directly or scrub the spot with water. Above all, do not spray cologne or perfume on silk lingerie.
  4. Proper storage-Wrap the lingerie pieces carefully to ensure that nothing is kept above them. Chemise, camisole and negligees should be hung lest it will lose its shape.

To look after the lingerie will just need a little bit of effort and time yet this will prove extremely worthwhile and useful in the future. By providing them the needed care these intimate babydoll dress will remain beautiful and useful for long. So invest in the best brand of lingerie and make the most of it. It will definitely prove to be a true value for money.

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