Spray That Body Pain Away

Life is full of pain – or so it seems on most days! A hard day at work can cause your back to seize up. Lifting heavy bags of groceries can make the elbows and shoulders hurt. Sitting for long periods of time at your desk can make your legs go numb, and then pain when you walk on them! Your calves might suddenly spasm as you swim that last lap in the pool. Most of the things you do throughout the day contribute to pain in the body.

And yet – is there something you are doing wrong? Are you getting enough sleep and rest? Are you always chasing deadlines and forgetting to take a leisurely walk after every one hour of sitting down at your desk? Or do you overdo it at the gym in a bid to lose weight quickly? These wrong behaviours put you in the path of many aches and pains, because the body’s muscles and joints are unable to withstand several competing pressures and pulls. Within time, the muscles hurt with the lightest exertion, and the joints become so painful that you can hardly move. Not getting adequate rest, not getting regular exercise and also consuming a poor diet can all contribute to body pain.

Spray That Body Pain Away

But don’t let pain win – just reach for Moov spray. Apply it on the painful part of the body and just forget about it.

Why Moov spray?

This wondrous formulation comprises a 100% Ayurvedic complex of ingredients that makes it extremely effective within just minutes of use. You can safely use it on all sorts of muscle pains, joint pains, lower back pains and even to ease chronic aches. When the pain is threatening to get the better of you, just use Moov spray and relax!

Moov spray contains such fast-acting, powerful pain killing ingredients like eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil, mint leaf extract and wintergreen oil. Together, these active ingredients reduce swelling, impart deep tissue relief and pain removal in just one application. Soon, it will feel like you never had muscle pain or lower back pain, or stiff shoulders or even joint aches, to begin with!

When to use Moov spray

Whenever there is pain in the muscles or joints in the body, just spray on the painful area and let the liquid be absorbed by the skin. It reaches deep into the painful tissue and begins the repair and restorative work that it is devised for. Soon, the pain dissipates and the area begins to function normally like before.

Moov spray is an anathema to a variety of pains and aches associated with strains, sprains, cramps, spasms, pulls and stretches. Be sure to carry this spray in your work bag or gym bag every time you step out of the house. It goes without saying that you must have a bottle of Moov spray in your medicine cabinet at home – you never know when you or a loved one may need it! Even young children who are into sports can use the spray safely – just make sure not to spray it on cut and broken skin! It is a handy helper for those who suffer from neck, shoulder and lower back pain; it is equally effective on joint pain as on muscle pain. If you go running or exercising every day, or if you are into sports, or even if you lead a sedentary lifestyle involving long periods of inactivity, you must have Moov spray handy; you never know when pain will strike!

So go ahead and reclaim your life – pain never stands a chance when you have Moov spray to help!


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