Starting a construction project is a very large undertaking. There are a lot of things that you will need to do in order to have the project reach a successful completion. It is important that you begin the construction of a building with both eyes open. In other words, you need to be aware of everything that you need to do before a single nail gets hammered into a board. This will prevent you from running into problems in the middle of the project that could cause major delays. Here are the steps that you need to follow when you want to construct a building.

Steps For A Construction Project

1. You will first need to hire an architectural firm to design the building.

Do you want to build a church? If this is the case, you will need to consult with traditional Catholic church architects. You should tell them all of the details of the church that you want to have included in the overall design. The architect may make some additional suggestions about how to integrate your ideas into his overall design. He will then need a few weeks to draw up plans for the structure. He will show them to you and you can either approve them or ask for revisions to be made. The project can continue once you have approved the design.

2. A contractor who will oversee the entire construction project will need to be hired.

A contractor is a person who is an expert in the field of construction. He is licensed to perform a variety of construction techniques. The contractor is the person in charge of the construction crew that will be building your structure. You should hire a contractor who has at least six years of experience. You also need to make sure the contractor is covered by insurance and has a valid license.

3. The proper local digging and building permits must be acquired from the city where the construction is taking place.

You cannot simply start building a structure anywhere you want. The construction project must first be approved by the city. Permits will be issued if the project receives local approval. Digging permits are required to ensure that no power, water or gas lines are severed during the digging of the foundation. Failure to acquire the right permits could result in you being fined and your project being shut down.