Stretch Mark Treatment Natural Remedies You Must Know About

Most adults have some stretch marks somewhere on their skin. These red or silvery marks are a type of scarring, a natural consequence of the skin being stretched at some point, usually through pregnancy, weight loss or weight gain. Although they are not harmful, most of us, given the choice, would like to get rid of them.

While most stretch marks fade over time, they can cause embarrassment and low self-esteem, especially if they are in a prominent position. If you’re heading to the beach this summer, you may well want to get rid of your stretch marks before you don your bikini.

Thankfully, there are several cheap and easy natural remedies which you could try.

Stretch Mark Treatment Natural Remedies You Must Know About

Natural Remedies

One of the simplest remedies for stretch marks is hydration. Keeping your body adequately hydrated by drinking enough water and other fluids each day will benefit your skin in more ways than one, and is likely to lead to quicker fading of marks and blemishes.

Several different natural substances are believed to fade stretch marks. These include olive oil (which you should warm gently before applying), lemon juice, sugar (which should be mixed with lemon juice or almond oil), and even potato juice (simply rub a cut potato on the affected area).

Other potential remedies which won’t cost the earth include cocoa butter, aloe vera and lavender oil, all of which are frequently found in shop-bought stretch mark treatments. Tea tree oil is another possible remedy. Simply use these remedies once a week or more, and you will soon see the results as your marks fade.

All of these natural oils are well-known for their abilities to promote healing and hydration – both of which will lead to your stretch marks fading faster than if just left to their own devices.

Other Solutions

As well as applying oils to the skin, there are other forms of stretch mark treatment to try.

It is widely recognised that exercising regularly will help tone your muscles and keep your skin supple, meaning stretch marks are likely to disappear quicker. Why not look online for some simple exercise routines, targeting the areas of your body which are most affected?

And of course a varied and balanced diet is important, too. Eating the recommended amount of vitamin K – found in green vegetables – is widely believed to keep stretch marks and other scarring at bay.

There are several beauty treatment products that turn out to be quite useful and they actually work effectively in reducing stretch markers. However, while buying such products, you must choose a reputed store or supplier. A good brand ensures quality products that have no negative side-effect on your skin. With that being said, if you have a sensitive skin and are prone to grow rashes and inflammation, do consult a skin specialist. The expert will have in-depth knowledge about the ingredients of the product you are about to use and will eventually, guide you in the right direction.


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