Photography is an art of capturing impressive images. It is a gift of reliving things that have already happened. Photography has importance in the field of architecture, science, arts, news and many more. Modern technology has enhanced the art of photography. Today, one can take pictures, enhance them and share it for others to see. This encourages new and talented photographers to boldly experiment in the field of photography. Photography has had its own journey from olden days to this modern era. Earlier, cameras use to have rolls which made which made everything difficult and menial. One had to know the process of developing the picture or else get it done by a professional. Sharing pictures was not easy. Digital cameras solved these problems. Now, anyone can aspire to be a photographer. Advanced cameras and digital formats have made photography easier. Now you can just concentrate on the nuances of taking a picture and not worry about its technical side. This has greatly improved the process of taking pictures.

The Art Of Photography

A good photographer waits for an opportunity for a good picture. To be good at photography, one has to be good at finding a good location, to take a picture. One should not be in haste while taking picture. Photography is about capturing the right moment. Different skills are required while taking pictures of various things. One has to have good knowledge about the subject. Patience is the key factor in photography. One has to be well educated about the different lens types and lights. Technical knowledge of things like focus, aperture and filters is important, to understand photography. Light is an important part of photography. One can experiment with lights and various shades of colors in order to get a beautiful picture. Location is another deciding factor which decides the quality of the picture taken. Photography is a task that looks easy but has many nuances which if taken care of, can help in effective and story-telling pictures.

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