The Benefits Of Using A Two-Seat Mobility Scooter

Two-seat mobility scooters are a terrific way for two people who both need the help of a mobility scooter to get around. The benefits of a tandem scooter over two single scooters are numerous, but include convenience, space and value for money. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a two-seat mobility scooter.

What Is a Two Seat Mobility Scooter?

As the name suggests a two-seater, or tandem mobility scooter, has room for two people. A second seat is located behind the driver’s seat in much the same way as a tandem bicycle. The difference is that the passenger is just a passenger – it only takes one person to operate it.


The biggest benefit of a tandem mobility scooter is that it’s hugely more convenient for couples who both suffer from mobility issues. Couples only need to take one scooter out with them and have one to worry about when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.

Sharing the Load

Operating a mobility scooter isn’t strenuous, but it does take concentration. A two seat mobility scooter allows couples, or pairs in general, to take it in turns to be in the driving seat, allowing the passenger who sits behind to simply enjoy the ride. It also means that for couples where one person can no longer operate a mobility scooter, both still have the option of riding on one.

The Benefits Of Using A Two-Seat Mobility Scooter


Households that already have two mobility scooters will know how hard it is to find space to park or store them. Not just at home, but also when you arrive at your destination, whether it’s a shop, a friend’s house or a restaurant, two mobility scooters are not easy to find space for. Space-saving is one of the biggest advantages of a tandem mobility scooter.

Saving Money

A tandem mobility scooter costs less than two mobility scooters, saving you a potentially large amount of money. In fact, a good tandem scooter doesn’t cost even 50% more than a single but is usually just a little more or even around the same amount. For couples who both need a mobility scooter, the tandem can prove to be a real benefit in all sorts of ways.

Can Be Used by One Person

Just because you have purchased a tandem scooter, it doesn’t mean you always need to go everywhere together. The tandem scooter is operated by one person, which means it can be used by just one person when the two of you don’t want to do the same thing together.

Care and Residential Homes

Some care homes purchase mobility scooters for residents to use on days out. Tandem scooters take up less space and cost less than two separate ones.

As you can see, a two-seat, or tandem, mobility scooter could be the perfect answer. Whether you live in a household with more than one person who needs a mobility scooter or run a residential care unit, there are many benefits to tandem scooters.


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