The Cosmic Code - Quantum Physics As The Language Of Nature

In the last decade scientists have learned more about the cosmos and universe than in previous centuries — they visualize a new picture of reality according to require a conversion of our imaginations. However, a visual world is neither matter nor strength but the invisible power of energy, so the invisible world is so marvelous.

Today we can say rather, “The visible world is both matter and force, the demonstration of which appears as a power of energy.” Actually we need to concentrate our imaginations and thoughts.

According to Heinz R. Pagels this world is described by quantum theory, one that is . . .  rational but not visualizable.  It is clear that physicists have knocked up against the eventual barrier of the physical world.  The reason their opinions are balanced but not visualizable is for the reason that they stay behind rational scientists, hence they believe, without any evidence, in the metaphysical realism of the materialistic globe without a spiritual substrate.

The Cosmic Code - Quantum Physics As The Language Of Nature

They are in the circumstance of researchers trying to make clear the phenomenon called “echo”, except persisting all the while in practicing only the reflected sound. As such they face up to inconsistency after inconsistency because they didn’t find a clue as to the origin of the reflected sound, or seems to be it is just a reflection.

Albert Einstein; a German-born theoretical physicist was one of the first physicists to change our imaginations about modern physics. He exposed the contradiction of the speed of light being constant by visualizing himself as travelling on a beam of light. Einstein well knew about the Light Theory of Maxwell and the reality that it agreed with most of their experimental bases.

But if anybody could take up to one of Maxwell’s light waves the way a streamlined board proviso catches an ocean wave, for a ride, then the light wave would not be touching relative to you but seems to be at a still position.

Actually there are a lot of things to discover about yourself and universe, just need to continuous research and hardworking inside the depth of spiritual world. No doubt we can see that physicists, the more deeper they get involved in studying the construction of reality find more questions than answers, and some more, like Pagels, even established more strong faith than uncertainty.

If what we symbolize, just like sub-atomic particles, can disappear into the full matters of the Cosmic and come back later in some new form, so we can easily analyze how physicists are establishing to glance the real meaning of the Cosmos as they attempt to be taught the Cosmic Code. In other words, if a physicist like most famous Pagels can learn from a sentiment about the ultimate reality of the Cosmos, then of course, there is great hope for the rest of us.

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