The Gaming Habits: Why World Of Warcraft Is Still Worth Playing

Who would have ever thought that a game released back in 2004 would still be a topic of gaming articles? Among many popular game titles and newly invented game genres, World of Warcraft still has a respectable player base that keeps this game relevant even to this day.

What’s the secret? Is it all just a coincidence, or there’s more to this game that we don’t know about?

Sites like The Gaming Habits helped the game’s popularity by offering great deals on purchasing it online. Besides many popular games in their offer, World of Warcraft battles the test of time successfully.

Something that other game developers should look into if they’ll ever have a chance of repeating the success of Blizzard Entertainment. To this day, there’s not a lot of games that revolutionized the industry as this game did.

This article will talk about what makes this game worth your time and money even today.

1. Great Price

The starting price of World of Warcraft on the launch day didn’t fit everybody’s budget. Today, you can find this game on The Gaming Habits for a great price. If you’re a new member of their site, you’ll get a 10% discount on your first purchase.

Thus, The Gaming Habits is a great place for buying one of the latest game expansions at a starting price of less than €20. Keep in mind that you’ll need a renewed subscription after the initial 30 days have passed.

You can also buy a 60 days subscription card on this site if you’ll continue playing this fantastic game.

2. Big Player Base

Even to this day, World of Warcraft has an impressive active player base. Loyal fans of the game never gave up playing, and they’re now ambassadors of the game for attracting new players to their community.

The World of Warcraft community is one of the most approachable out there. Servers are full of players who will help you walk into their world of role-playing. The player base is getting bigger each day as the players are buying the game at a discount on The Gaming Habits.

3. New Content

Shadowlands expansion went online recently, and it gave this game a fresh update of content. A long history of expansion releases is what made World of Warcraft an evolving game. With each of the extensions, this game found new life and kept the players interested.

Before Shadowlands, these are the expansion packs and order of their releases:

  • World of Warcraft
  • The Burning Crusade
  • Wrath of the Lich King
  • Cataclysm
  • Mists of Pandaria
  • Warlords of Draenor
  • Legion
  • Battle for Azeroth
  • Shadowlands

4. Role-Playing

What makes this game so fun even today is the role-playing part of it. We all love fantasizing about being in a different world and having an exciting life. World of Warcraft is perfect for those people looking for adventures.

While playing, they can let their imaginations run wild and play a character that fits their personality. Because all the players do the same, the entire realm of World of Warcraft is the place where you can be whatever you want.

5. Buying It as a Gift

Even if you’re not interested in the game, you can buy it as a present for someone that enjoys playing it. The Gaming Habits, among other gift cards, has this game and a 60 days subscription card. You can buy them on their site and surprise someone by sending them through email.

Paying for someone’s subscription is an excellent way of letting him or her know they’re always in your heart. It will not only bring a smile to their face but will also save them some money.

6. It’s a Game for All Ages

World of Warcraft is a game that anybody can play no matter their age. Because the game is family-friendly, you’ll see a lot of kids using it. The parents are fine with the idea of their kids playing the game but are mindful about how much time they spend playing it.

Losing track of time is very easy when playing World of Warcraft because of the intricate quests that keep your attention at every moment.

7. Making New Friendships

The open-world concept, together with role-playing, is the biggest reason for so many new friendships made while playing. A game where players should work together revolutionized how game communities functioned as a group.

Other games had difficulties with toxic players that brought dysfunction in their community. World of Warcraft also had minor issues with these types of players, but overall there had been more cases of people working together and making friendships.

If you lack social skills in real life, maybe this game will change that for good.


A game that’s 16 years old and still alive to this day. Let that sink in for a moment – World of Warcraft is a perfect example of how games should develop. Fresh content like that in the expansions of this game is essential for keeping the game relevant.

Without it, there’s no chance it could ever compete with any of the new AAA titles on the market. The Gaming Habits is a site that you should visit if you plan on trying this game. Use a discount on the site and treat yourself or even surprise someone you care about by giving it as a gift.

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