The Perfect Footwear For Your Holiday

It is the holiday season and we are finally allowed to fly out of the country and walk on those golden sandy shores. The problem we girls have every time we go on holiday is deciding which shoes we should take. 

Normally it ends up with us taking eight different pairs of footwear which we do not need. Here are some pieces of footwear that you should definitely take with you to save space in your wardrobe!

Slip-On Espadrille Shoes

These are easy go-to for many reasons. For starters, they are a good lightweight shoe that is good for multiple terrains abroad. They come in a range of different colours so they can match up with any outfit that you decide to wear on the day. Not only this, but they also come in multiple different colours. 

Espadrilles are also very cheap. Yes, your designer brands can be extremely expensive but you can get good quality for a cheap price as well. Places such as M&S and Next sell these at good prices in the UK. They can also be bought around the world at a cheap price from websites such as ASOS and Amazon. 

These are definitely something that you should consider when you are going on a girls holiday for the price and the comfiness.

Backless Ballerina Mules

These are more expensive than your traditional slip-on shoes but they are more dressy. They are definitely your evening shoes for when you are going out for a meal or a walk. 

Many brands design these shoes so you have multiple options to choose from. They can be quite comfy and are perfect if you want your feet to breathe. With them being backless, they are the perfect shoe to keep your feet nice and cool.

These shoes come in multiple different styles and colours so they can be mixed and matched with several outfits. It is just down to your personal preference on what you want in your evening shoe.

Ecco Sandals

These are a must-have for your holiday and are the most comfortable on the list. Ecco sandals are great as they have double ankle straps that keep your feet secure. Holiday shoes are all about being able to put them on and take them off very easily. 

Ecco Sandals are the shoes that you need for the plane as well. The plane can get very hot so you are best wearing something comfy and to keep your feet nice and cool. Ecco sandals are the shoes to wear for those long boring flights.

Canvas shoes 

You cannot go wrong with a good canvas shoe. They are so popular for both men and women when it comes to holidays. Let’s start with the price of a canvas shoe. These can be bought at a good price across multiple websites and you can also get your branded canvas shoes as well. They can come in a wide range of colours which is exactly what you need. 

The material is another great thing about canvas shoes simply because it is thin and keeps your feet nice and cool for those hot temperatures. These are great to stroll across those bright white beaches with the girls and your natural-toned outfits. 

Wedge Sandals 

Another dressy shoe but this one can be worn during the day and night. That all depends on how long you can wear heels during the day. These can be difficult to wear for long hours but if you are a master at wearing heels then you should consider these. 

You can get these shoes at a really good price without breaking the bank too much as well. They also can be worn on the beach as they are very easy to clean afterwards. They go with many different outfits including shorts, a dress or even a bathing suit. 

Gladiator Sandals 

Gladiator sandals are a shoe that you cannot forget when you are going on holiday. These are great for everything. Walking, hiking, going out and going to the beach. They are very dressy and they keep your feet nice and cool in those hot temperatures. 

The gladiator sandals are a very ancient style but they look great when you are abroad. You can get multiple styles for your gladiator sandals. You can either get sandals with heels which are the ones that you will want when you are going out at night. 

You can get flats which are far more comfortable for walking about and going on hikes. Be careful when you wear these though because they can leave tan lines with them being so tight to your foot! If you plan on wearing them all day then make sure you have a break with them off as they can rub and leave blisters on your feet.

Finally, Sliders or Flip Flops

A very unisex shoe that can be great for during the day when you are enjoying the sunshine. They might leave tan lines because you have had them on for so long, but most of your foot gets a tan!

These are comfy if you buy good quality and are very easy to wear as they can be put on and taken off in seconds, making them great footwear for the beach. Also, they are very waterproof which is something that you want when you are relaxing next to the pool with your jewel bikini.

In Conclusion 

There are many shoes that you can take with you abroad, hence why we girls take several pairs with us in a suitcase! All of these shoes would be ideal whether you are going on a trip to Abersoch camping or a glam week away in dubai! Maybe you are one of those that takes an extra suitcase just for your shoes, however it is all about the shoes that are the most versatile. These are the ones that you should be taking for your next girls holiday!