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Well, if you are starting a business website of your own, choosing a suitable data hosting plan is very important. The success of your business would depend on it in many ways. Is a shared hosting platform best for you or are you more likely to do better with dedicated server hosting? Well, if you are looking for a customized solution that can accommodate growth plans, opting for a dedicated server could be the best bet. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of engaging a dedicated server before opting for it.

The Pros and Cons Of Dedicated Server Hosting

The Pros

Some of the advantages of dedicated server hosting include:

  • Reliability and Performance: A server of this kind will over unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Besides, you will have complete control over the media and information accesses. Since the processor power, memory and disk space along with other system resources is not shared; it will not be overwhelmed or slowed down by traffic flowing down from other websites.
  • Accessibility and Speed: If you want your visitors to enjoy the best of experiences, a dedicated server hosting would be your best bet. It will allow logging in and provide access very easily. This is important especially when you are running an ecommerce store. Remember, customer visiting your store would be expecting a seamless experience when processing payments and so on.
  • Technical and Security Assistance: Since a dedicated server hosting solution will be accessed only by you, the level of security will be extremely high. A dedicated hosting space will allow you to have unique IP address for better security and privacy. Additionally, it will provide you complete and comprehensive technical support, round the clock. It will also be equipped with a more convenient features for managing your website

Whereas there are several advantages associated with having a personal server for your own business, there are some disadvantages too that you need to be aware of. We look at some such cons here.

The Cons

  • Maintenance and Cost: One of the principle considerations when choosing dedicated server hosting would be that it is indeed more expensive than other hosting options made available. A dedicated server is fully dedicated to your business. Therefore, just like the advantages, the costs would also not be shared. Setting up, as well as maintaining and then repairing such servers can prove to be a major challenge for the owners of website. You will need to plan for everything on your own.
  • Technical Infrastructure: Establishing a dedicated server hosting environment and managing the website that is hosted on it will require extensive networking. You will need to be familiar with IP routing, MX records, server mechanisms and lots more. You may also need to hire an additional network administrator or server administrator for managing your server. Remember, when you opt for dedicated server hosting, your server will seldom crash. However, we would be required to spend some money and effort for setting up the infrastructure.

Make sure you consider both aspects for making a well balanced choice.


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